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Posted by: Kimmers Jul 23 2007, 01:09 PM
Credit to Original Posters for theses links - Registration required. Shazzer Clips Daily as long as there are no interuptions. - Daily Clips for quite a few shows, As well as Episodes of Primetime shows. Hella good requires Email Registration and Admin Registration. Once Validated you can see part of the board you need to make a minium number of posts to view the rest of the board.
Read and Respond to the Rules and Annocuments threads. - Izzy makes Clips for lots of different shows, Sometimes there is a Delay in her posting the clips, but she clips entire Episodes into smaller parts.;jsessionid=gn9lydf211.zebra_s - Good site for Scorpio Clips - Great resource for old school Scorpio clips. No registration required. - Shazzer's website. Has lots of old Spencer family clips, GH wedding clips, LL2 clips (old & new), a few LiRic scenes as well...always credit if you use! No registration required. - The ...know from dreams Message Board. Arie/Lambsterfan posts random clips of the Spencers, LL2, etc and you can request clips there as well. Registration required. - Since Jazzy's site was hacked earlier this year, she closed it down. But on this forum, she posts Sonny & Brenda clips. Registration required. - A Kirsten Storms fansite. There is a separate video forum that you can register for only at specified times, but you have to do it from this site. If you're looking for Kirsten clips (DOOL, GH, etc), this is the place to go. Registration required. - Clips of Frisco/Felicia, Felicia/Mac, Felicia & family...No registration required. - clips of Georgie & Dillon. No registration required. - Tons of clips of Jax & Brenda throughout their love story. No registration required. - Clips of just Tamara, just Ted, Ted & Tamara together, NuCarlo1 and NuCarlo2. No registration required, however some clips are by request only on the MB, so that requires registration. - Clips of Brenda and clips of Brenda with her various guys. No registration required. - More Sonny & Brenda clips. No registration required. - Lots of Jason & Robin clips available. Registration required. - You can post requests of any of the Scorpios here. Registration required. - clips of Robin from the early days to the trainwreck to now, Robin & Stone, Robin & Jason, Robin & Patrick. Clips only available Friday - Monday (to save bandwidth). No registration required. - This is an extensive collection of not just Anna & Duke clips, but also Anna & Robin, etc. clips. Thanks to MmeHazel for providing Robin is Luv with this link. - Has clips of well, Jason Thompson. LOL. - Great daily clips, with an archive of clips since 2005. Great place for Skylo and Scrubs clips as well. - My own Personal Board yes you have to Register to Join but I host different Clips from different couples for a whole Range of Primetime shows. As well as some Daily GH eps. - Past and Present Carly clips such a huge range of them. - Requires Registration Kathie's board hosts Daily Jasam Clips. - Great Source for Daily Clips, As well as Night Shift Episodes. - Daily GH Clips - Great Source of Daily Clips not just for GH but for other shows. - Daily Scrub Clips. - Scrubs Clips Past & Present. - Tracey and Luke Clips. - Laura Wright Clips

Ok will update this list as I do find more, Theses site most of them i do Recommended that you check them out for clips and also to take part in the Boards

Posted by: greysfan Jul 24 2007, 08:44 PM
thanks for these affilates and links. I will check some of them out. Night shift is such a great show. Can't wait until the next episode airs this thursday on soapnet.


Posted by: LIngoCarJaxfan07 Jul 25 2007, 10:50 PM
Thanks for links to the websites.

Posted by: msgtwife Jul 28 2007, 04:16 PM
clapping.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif

I'm always searching for new sites. Thanks for the list.


Posted by: Clara Sep 16 2007, 03:51 PM
Wow, thanks for compiling this!

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