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 Ella Dominica, Regina
Ella Dominica
Posted: Aug 6 2013, 11:44 PM

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Group: The Pride
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Joined: 6-August 13

Ella Louisa Dominica

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Power and control, I'm gonna make you fall,
Women and men, we are the same,
But love will always be a game,
We give and take a little more,
Eternal game of tug and war.

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Hey they call me Rue. I've been called this for 23 years. Iíve been doing this for 10+ or so they say. Iím also known as (is) Ruina lurking around for some play time. Be careful I could be the death of you if you give me reason to.

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    Full Name: Ella Louisa Dominica
    Aliases: Ella, Ellie, Elle, Regina
    Sex: Female
    Age: 28
    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
    Occupation: Zoologist
    Species: WereLion
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    Eyes: Green-Gray
    Hair: Blonde
    Height: 5'7
    Body Type: Slim/Slender
    Distinguishing Features: Her eyes in her lioness form match her eyes in human form. Scars on her back and neck from rough play as well as fights.
    Play By: Rachel Skarsten
    Animal Appearance:
    user posted image

user posted image
    - Her Pride
    - Italian Food
    - Wine
    - Animals
    - Fighting
    - Sex
    - Dancing
    - Music
    - Men and Women
    - New Orleans night life
    - Those who pose a threat to her pride
    - Being Deceived
    - Bad Music
    - Ignorance
    - People who think they know everything
    - Liars
    - Thieves
    - Weakness
    - Feeling Helpless
    - Failing as Regina
    - Knowledge and use with weapons (Swords, guns, bow&arrow, ect)
    - Her animal form
    - Sex
    - Speaks English, French and Swahili
    - Her beauty
    - Her knowledge of animals
    - Gets along well with people no matter what specie
    - Her determination and ambition
    - Good looking men and women
    - Animals
    - Tears
    - Wine
    - Sex
    - Raw meat
    - Her big heart
    - Dieing young
    - Not fulfilling her father's dream
    - Never extending the pride
    - Failing as Regina
    - Her kind dieing out
    - Never finding a Rex for the pride
    - She will turn into her animal form when she needs alone time
    - She tends to stare at good looking men and women
    - When she is irritable she likes to punch a punching bag
    - Bites her nails when she's bored
    - Gnaws on her bottom lip when she is nervous
    Overall Personality:
    Ella may not seem like a leader but it's in her blood. She makes quick decisions and is always sure of herself. She tries her hardest to be a good leader for her pride. Of course she gets help from Henry but she does her best to make decisions alone. Ella cares a lot for her pride and it is her life. She protects it with her life. It doesn't matter what Ella or anyone in the pride does, she is territorial completely for those in her pride. Ella beat Dorothy and Lilly out of the position for Regina and it's made her feel better about herself, no longer living in the shadow of her father and being able to prove to the others that she was the alpha female of the pride. But Ella has a big heart and she tries to hide it. She feels like the more heart she shows, the more open she is to show others a weakness. So Ella sticks to herself as much as possible when she isn't with her pride. With her pride, she feels at home and perfectly comfortable.
user posted image
    Rank: Regina
    Powers: Basic Powers, Moon Vision, Gentle Grace, Jungle Fever, Pride Strength
user posted image
    Origin: Born in Toronto, Canada, Raised in South Africa
    Mothers Name: Olivia Jean-DeLuc (deceased)
    Fathers Name: William Dominica (Deceased)
    Siblings: Marianne Atkins (35), Benjamin Atkins (32)
    Other Important Family Members:
    Overall History:
    Olivia Jean-DeLuc was born and raised in a French-Canadian home in Canada. William Dominica was born and raised in South Africa. While visiting Canada to see family, William met Olivia. He was a zoologist that worked closely with wild tigers, especially with Lions and working on preservation for the wild cats. She was a school teacher that taught English to the French that came to Canada to live and work. Everything would have been perfect if it wasn't for one problem; Olivia was married to Bryan Atkins, an architect, and had a daughter; Marianna Atkins.

    After the few run-ins, late dinners, lunches and the few times they had spent alone together, William invited Olivia and her daughter to join him in South Africa to work on a mission for the local wildlife preserve and he needed someone who spoke French to help him. Olivia agreed and flew Marianne and herself out there for one month. That whole month was spent exploring, enjoying her time in the warm South African coast and seeing things that she never thought she would see in her life. But sadly, she had to return. Olivia promised to write William, as he promised to write her.

    Five years later, William went back to Canada. He was transporting a lion and a few lionesses to the wildlife preserve there in Toronto until they would have cubs. When William went to see Olivia, she had a new child, a son, Benjamin Atkins. William was somewhat surprised to see that Olivia had another child. She hadn't written anything about it. When William asked why she hadn't told him, after their letters became more than just letters between friends, but lovers, she responded in saying it was her attempt to hold onto her husband and that things were going well since.

    William gave one last chance, enticing Olivia in his hotel room. But when he woke after their wild night, Olivia had vanished. William understood why and didn't want to rock the family's boat anymore than he already had. So he left. When he returned to Africa, he sent Olivia one last letter, telling her that he loved her and that she will always remain is "Regina", but he understood that her family came first.


    Olivia gave birth to a small, blonde, bundle of joy in the winter of 1985. She named the baby, Ella Louisa Atkins. There was something about Ella that was different from her two eldest children. Not only did she have piercing green-gray eyes right from the start and not the normal blue, but she had a full head of blonde hair. Both of her other children had brown hair and brown eyes. It worried Olivia and had many tests done on her daughter. But everything that had been tested and checked were coming up normal. The doctors were telling Olivia that she was just simply a healthy baby.

    A month after Ella's birth, Olivia sent William a letter. She explained that she needed to see him and that it was important. After months and months of no response, almost a year later, Olivia took Ella with her to Africa. She showed up on William's doorstep and put the child in his arms, telling him, "Meet Ella, our daughter". William was overjoyed, confused and upset. Olivia explained to him that their last night together was the night Ella was conceived. William told Olivia to bring Marianne and Benjamin back with her and marry him. Leave her husband and make a family together.

    But Olivia refused. She asked him to take Ella and raise her. Her husband knew of her infidelity and the reason she was there was to give her daughter up to him. Her husband wasn't going to accept a child that was not his. Olivia said she wasn't going to leave her husband but she wanted their daughter to be with her father, someone who could raise her and love her like she would have. Before William could say no, she left, never to write, call or return to William again.


    Ella grew up pretty normal. She helped her dad a lot of expeditions, learned how to play with the lions, lionesses and cubs and felt at home with them. Her father always told her how special she was, how that it was in her nature, her blood to fit in with the others. When she asked why, he always said that sooner or later, she would understand. Ella believed everything her father said and trusted his every word.

    Ella often asked about her mother. William tried to avoid it but he told her when she was 10 what happened. He couldn't lie to his little girl any longer. Upset, Ella ran off into the night, her vision was always better then anyway. She found a spot, her usual spot, and sat there. She cried, howled and sobbed for hours. She felt as though she was just like the lions. At peace out in the night, in the open. That was when her first transformation happened.

    Ella sat looking at the moon, howling in pain. Suddenly she felt her clothes tear and before she knew it, she was on all fours, she had fur, paws, and the insatiable urge to scratch behind her ear. Ella ran home, her paws pounding on the ground. She had so much speed it took half the time than it did to get where she had gone. When she returned home, looking like the cub that she had become, her father looked down at her, knowing right away who she was. He picked her up into his arms, nuzzled her nose with his and said, "I love you, my cub."

    After the first few transformations, it wasn't so hard. She found the pain more tolerable and less painful. William finally explained to Ella that she was a shifter, a WereLion. A supernatural being with powers. Not only the power to look like a human or a lion, but sooner or later, she would gain other powers. William explained that he wasn't just someone who was trying to help lions, but the lions he was trying to help were his own Pride. William, was the Rex of his pride. He explained that he wanted to turn Ella's mother, Olivia into his Regina but when she refused to marry him, he would not turn her against her will. So let her be and decided to raise Ella just as her mother had asked.


    After Ella became more and more aware of who she was and that other supernaturals existed in the world, Ella wanted to see more. She wanted to experience life. Unfortunately, her father was growing old and weary. He explained that there was one last place he wanted to see before his time was up, New Orleans. William explained the rumors that it was a melting pot for supernaturals.

    Ella packed up the pride which consisted of The Rex (her father), three females other than herself; Dorothy, Lily and Belinda. As well as two other males; John and Henry. Lastly there were two cubs, two children who posed as her own children; Marley who was Dorothy and Henry's newest and Holland, Lily and Henry's five year old. When she first learned who she was, Ella often asked why they traveled as they did. Their main response was always the same, it was easiest. Not to mention, it was money. They had real lions and lionesses that they would rescue and save but this was much easier. Either way, it worked.

    Ella and William learned a lot about New Orleans and what it was like to live there. William often explained that sometimes, things weren't always what they appeared and just being in the city made them feel the call. It was a silent hum almost in their heart that the supernatural were near. It made them feel like they weren't alone. Some complained of the noise and fast pace of the city, others enjoyed it and marveled in it.


    Soon after moving there, William passed. Now Ella was 25 and her father had just allied with the Kiss after finding out the rules of being a supernatural in the city of New Orleans. To protect the pride, he pledged their allegiance to the Kiss. Ella wasn't particularly happy about it, now that she was coming more and more into power, she was becoming more dominant over the pride, the young fierce lioness was starting to overpower the older lionesses.

    When William passed, Ella had to fight for her place as Regina and she fought hard. She has three scars from Lily's claws scraping down her back during the fight. It was her against Lily and Dorothy. Belinda had no interest of being Regina and stayed out. It started out as Lily and Dorthy against Ella but Ella and Lily ended up knocking Dorothy unconscious. Lily would have won but she made one critical error; Ella knew about Lily's damaged paw. Lily had sustained an injury that never healed right as a child. One bite to her paw had Lily howling in pain.

    Once they made Ella Regina, she started to make the decisions for the pride, for herself even. Even Henry and John backed down against her. Henry was old like her father but John was her best friend who was only three years older than her. Ella wanted to make him her Rex but he didn't have power like a Rex should have. So instead, Ella was going to find a Rex or make one herself. Her father and the others had explained that it was possible to turn someone but the pride would never turn someone against their will either.


    With the tensions rising in the pack now that there is still no Rex, but a few new members to the pack, the pressure is on Ella more than ever. She constantly found herself just running in her lioness form, late at night in the woods. She would fight with other animals just because. Not only was she acting out from stress but she often still missed her father, she was disappointed that she had no mate and constantly looked for humans for her physical comfort. Ella worried herself almost night and day. She wanted a mate, she wanted to help her pack grow and have the strength that her father succeeded in them having in the 70's and 80's. But the problem she faced was living up to the expectations that the pride had for her and the standards that her father set for her.
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Posted: Aug 10 2013, 12:29 AM

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Group: Administration
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Welcome to Cajun Nights! Please make sure you visit Face Claims, Who's who and the Plot Pages

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