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DATE: 3 Aug 2013 As you may have noticed, the site has a been very inactive for several months. Caeliria is still here! All of the admins and moderators are still active, just busy. Please feel free to start new role-plays or bring on new people so we can become more active again.

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 The Limbo Games, Private roleplay for my club.
Posted: Jan 24 2013, 01:23 AM


Group: Members
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Member No.: 50
Joined: 11-August 12

At first, there was darkness. Utter and complete darkness. It did not know what it was, where it was, why it was there, or how it came to be. It was just like a newborn infant.

Then, a memory came back. Suddenly he remembered the English language, and that he was named Michael. From there it was like a dam that held back his memories burst open, and suddenly he began to remember what and who he was, and why he was here.

He was human, and had lived a fairly cliche and average life. Then one day he was on a public bus on his way home, when suddenly someone got up and pulled out a gun. He remembered the sounds of people screaming, seeing the gun slowly being pointed at him, the stench of poverty, the tingling sensation of fear and the realization that he was about to die. All of these details he remembered and more, but one was missing. He could not remember the identity of his murderer, nor could he recall the sound of their voice, nor could he recall how they looked. He remembered nothing about them besides the gun, and that they were the one who prematurely ended his life on Earth.

Then, there was a blinding light. Michael shielded his eyes, and he heard a voice.

"Greetings, I am Deus, God of Time and Space. I have determined to give you a second chance and have prevented you from entering the afterlife completely. You are now in Limbo, a plane of existence between life and death; between Earth, Heaven, and Hell.

However, the terms of your second chance are as follows: In order to return to your life on Earth, you must win a game. This game will pit you against everyone else that your murderer killed on the day you died. You, seven innocent people, and the murderer themself are the victims of that attack. Indeed, after the slaughter the murderer even took their own life.

Neither you nor anyone else knows who the murderer is except for themself. Once the game begins, you will have to search for the others in this vast world, and the others will be within a mile of your current position. You will be in an endless forest, filled with tall trees and a diverse animal life. This includes predators. Rest assured, they are not souls of animals, but merely shades of my own creation. They are not "real", but they can still "kill" you in Limbo.

However, you and the other eight contestants are indeed real, and your souls are at stake. All the laws of nature apply in this realm, and you can "die" in this realm as well. However, once you die your body will disappear from this realm and your soul will sent straight to Hell for all of eternity. Furthermore, the one who kills the murderer will be sent back to Earth, and the murderer will be sent into the deepest pits of Hell with the Devil himself.

You will lose this game if you are not the one to kill the murderer, or if you are killed during the game. Anyone who loses this game will be sent straight to Hell, no exceptions.

Good luck."

OOC: As stated in the title, I made this roleplay specifically for my club. We have already in secret determined the murderer in a way that only they will know who it is. You may start posting now. smile.gif[I][/I]


"I get that a lot.
So tell me, what does that make you?
Are you a human?
A dog?

-Alucard and his very unfortunate prey.
Posted: Jan 27 2013, 04:56 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 1
Member No.: 76
Joined: 27-January 13

The world was cold. The world was dark.
...Pitch black actually.

I felt around me, for anything. Why was it so dark?
I felt my face...yes, the familiar narrow cheek bones, the bump on my nose, the acne.Yes, they were all there.

I reached the upper half of my face...


...my eyes were closed. I didn't want to open my eyes just yet, but I yearned to see the familiar walls of my room. I took a peek, and what i saw left me breathless. An endless wall... of trees, surrounding me. A sky glowing red, and a full moon, closer than seemed normal What did I do to end up here? What was the last thing I did?
I walked the dog... I went to school... I was ogling my crush across the lunch room... and bam. I found myself here.
This was either a dream or nightmare. I pinched myself.

No, I wasn't dreaming.
Was I dead? I don't think I died... And if I did die, was this heaven, or was this hell? Being the sheltered, coveted, and protected girl I was, there was no reason why I would end up in hell.

But then again... the rowdy, drunken, and reckless party girl I was at night wouldn't really earn me any points into getting into heaven.

Gahh I don't know anymore. The only thing i could tell, was that me being in this strange place seemed to be real. very real. I am Kelsey.

Posted: Jan 27 2013, 06:16 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 1
Member No.: 74
Joined: 20-January 13

"Tch. What type of sick joke is this?" I thought to myself after Deus, the God of Time and Space, had just finished explaining the rules to the "game" for me. "Treating life and death like a game? The gods must be bored or something." I thought for a moment. "Then again... the gods were always jerks to begin with."

I shook my head. What did I do to deserve this? I was living a normal (arguably less then normal) life, and then, just as I was getting my books out of my locker, someone shot me in the back of the head. I'm pretty sure I've never ruined someone's life, and I'm pretty sure I didn't know anyone who wasn't mentally well, but then again, with teenage shootings, you didn't really have to know the guy to get killed.

"But dang, why me? I could have sworn that was the first shot in the hallway. Are you telling me that he just so happened to pick me as his first victim by chance? What a freakin' joke."

I sighed. Well, if I wanted to get back to living my life, I'd have to play this little "game" of theirs. But how should I do this? I no fighter, and with everyone else fighting for their lives, my chances looked slim. We had to kill the killer to live again, so if I found the killer but someone else killed him, I would be as good as dead as if I were stabbed from behind by someone else. Then there was the environment factor. A forest's trees were pretty tall, but they still had branches, so you could still climb them. Then again, there might be animals up there too. And I'd bet there were animals down on the ground too. I wouldn't be as worried as I was if I knew what kind of animals were in this forest. Gods had created this forest, so any animal could have been bred here if they wanted to.

Then there was the fact that each of us were transported a mile away from each other. For all I knew, there were six people around me, and I would be stuck dead in the middle, where they could surround me and tear me apart. Then there was the scare factor. If this game took too long, it wouldn't be surprising if some of them turned crazy, and you don't want to play a survival game with a desperate, crazy person. Too unpredictable and emotional.

I looked at my surroundings a little bit more. I had been transported near a stream with lots of rocks on either side of it. I walked around in circles. This was my way of thinking. After about five minutes, I came up with the best plan I could.

I picked up as many rocks as I could (the driest ones I could find) and made a circle out of them. I continued the process until I had many circles of rocks surrounding me in a large circle. This circle was in a dryer part of the forest, but close enough to the lake. There was only one spot in the large circle that didn't have it's own circle of rocks. That was going to be my way out and in to the circle.

I looked around the forest close to the circle I had made. I took off as many branches and picked up as many twigs, sticks and leaves I could find. I put my pile into each of the circles of rocks and continued that process until they were all filled. The only thing I didn't put in one of the circles was a big branch and two sticks.

Now, I started phase three. I started trying to make a fire out of the two sticks. After a few tries, I had finally lit the pile on fire. Sweating from all the work, and fear of being unprepared before someone found me, I pushed myself to do the same with all of the other piles.

After what seemed like hours, I had finally lit fires on all of the piles. The fire wasn't going to spread (I hoped), that was the job of the rocks, to make sure it didn't spread. Each of the fires was (hopefully) at a safe enough distance from the trees, so at least the embers would have a low chance of setting the trees on fire. I had made a circle of fire around me in the forest. Admiring my work for a little bit, I then set myself off to make one more fire inside the circle. When that was done, I sat down close to it, with my branch in my hands.

I had lucked out. I was transported near a stream with rocks, and was fast enough to put all of this together, or was lucky enough that no one had made their move yet. If I was ever thirsty, I would just light my branch on fire and make a torch, and walk myself to the stream and get a drink, the torch hopefully good enough to ward off animals or defend myself against any attackers. And with the circle of fire around me, as long I was in the circle, I would hopefully be safe from any animals. Animals usually avoided fires, didn't they? The only way I could see my plan backfiring was if there were rhinos in this forest. Those guys would just run up to it and stomp it out, wouldn't they?

"Ah well," I thought, letting out a deep sigh, "Too late now."

My plan was arguably suicidal. The fires would attract others, and that was exactly the plan I had drawn up in my head. Whether it would draw one person at a time, or everyone at once, it didn't matter. This was a dangerous way to play the game, but it would hopefully end it quickly. My plan was to draw people in, and except kill them, I would try to talk to them, to calm them down. Hopefully, I would convince them to stay inside the circle and wait for the others, as I would. If everything goes according to plan, then everyone will come into the circle and we'd settle differences in one fell swoop. Whether we were going to fight it out in the ring of fire or talk about the situation, that was all up to them. I would be okay with just talking, but again, I had my torch/branch with me, and I knew where the stream was.

My heart was thumping, and I took a deep breath. I tightened my grip on the branch and started walking around inside the circle. This could go wrong for me as easily as it could go right for me (or if everyone cooperated, right for everyone), so I might as well guard myself. I'm not going to be taken by surprise. I was going to try my best to live. Why should my life be taken away from me when I didn't do anything wrong in the first place?

My name is Derrik, and I'm not going to die... at least... I hope not.
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