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Welcome to Break These Chains! Sadly this location is no longer active! We have moved! Feel free to join us on our new host over at: http://breakthesechains.jcink.net/index.php?act=idx

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There are no heroes. There are no villains. You will have to choose...to build the shackles of the government, or to prevent the chains of tyranny from ever forming. There was a time when the lines were clearly drawn, but now the chains of reality have been broken.


Open since November 25th, 2012. The setting is summer (May). We have just begun our new site plot. For characters ideas take a look in our Most Wanted List and the I Want You forum.

The idea for BTC was inspired by MCU, Marvel storyline Civil War, and X-Men: Days of Future Past. Graphics by Fool. Canon Marvel characters and images are the property of Marvel. Original characters on board are the property of site players.



X-men: 9
X-Students: 2
Avengers: 13
Brotherhood of Superhumans: 5
Superhuman (unaffiliated): 14
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Posted: Jun 19 2014, 09:57 PM

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Getting Started

  • Register first name, last name in proper caps. For example, Tony Stark.
  • Post as Last Name, First Name in Topic and Codename in topic description. We'll get to the app ASAP.
  • You may join as a canon character, or as a completely original creation.
  • After your first character is accepted, register an OOC account. Then, post your organizer in the S.H.I.E.L.D. Database forum. If you need help, ask a staff member or board member and we'll walk you through it!

  • Roleplaying/Activity

  • The site is rated R, and open to 18 and older only. No characters under 16. Any thread that goes into extreme violence, language, etc., please tag with an [M].
  • The board operates under an open plotting system. All threads are open to anyone, within the bounds of common sense.
  • Discuss the details with your posting partner/partners if you want to control other characters. Give all characters a chance to react.
  • Post a quick absence if you're going to be gone so we can put you on the hiatus list.
  • Accounts checks will happen every so often. If you are not posting as per IC guidelines (one post a month for all canons and original characters), you will be archived.
  • In group threads with an established posting order: there is a four day grace period for your character. If a post is not up, then the next person in line can post (so the thread doesn't stagnate).
  • If you request an NPC S.H.I.E.L.D. agent to show in your threads, he/she has the right to arrest your character if your character does not have his/her card linked in his/her signature.

  • Odds and Ends

  • Graphics: make sure that your avs are no bigger than 200x300, and that your sigs are no bigger than 500x250.
  • Writing Level: There is no word count and we are open to all writing levels.
  • Conflict resolutions: IC drama needs to be handled between characters. OOC drama and other board drama, the staff will step in if necessary.
  • NPCs: If a canon is not being played right now by a player on board, and you need to use a canon for NPCing purposes in a thread, by all means, do so, to help out with a plot you may have. The only thing you will not be allowed to do to characters is kill them.

  • created by seanbear. of rpg-directory.com

    Generic staff account. If you have an immediate question, please PM one of the staff accounts (Brandy, Fyre, Bahiti, or Ray).
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