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There are no heroes. There are no villains. You will have to choose...to build the shackles of the government, or to prevent the chains of tyranny from ever forming. There was a time when the lines were clearly drawn, but now the chains of reality have been broken.


Open since November 25th, 2012. The setting is summer (May). We have just begun our new site plot. For characters ideas take a look in our Most Wanted List and the I Want You forum.

The idea for BTC was inspired by MCU, Marvel storyline Civil War, and X-Men: Days of Future Past. Graphics by Fool. Canon Marvel characters and images are the property of Marvel. Original characters on board are the property of site players.



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 I Don't Know You, But I Want To, attn: Kaine
Katherine Pryde
Posted: Sep 3 2014, 07:11 PM

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The remainder of the week went smoothly for Kitty after the evening she spent with Kaine. As promised, she submitted the damage report, and provided there was approval they’d be replacing the dodge balls she enabled the students to burst as well as some cosmetic issues with the walls. Surprisingly enough, she didn’t even get an earful about it. There was a hard sigh involved, but it was much better than a lecture, of course. With the report out of the way, she was able to begin getting ready for . . . whatever it was she and Kaine were doing.

She was still trying not to label things.

Still, she couldn’t help but feel slightly nervous—or perhaps anxious was the word for it; she couldn’t really place her finger on it. Whatever it was made it difficult to get dressed. She knew that she'd be ditching her pony-tail for the evening, though. Her hair was down with a loose curl to it. When it came closer to seven, she decided to go with something in between nice, casual, and practical. They’d be webslinging, which she couldn’t even put into words how excited she was.

Kitty made her way through the halls and down the stairs to the foyer. She figured they’d take one of the cars into Brooklyn. She couldn’t imagine he’d want websling all the way there. It was kind of far. So, she waited patiently against the wall with her hands clasped in front of her.
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