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 Training Ops, tag; Surge
James Howlett
Posted: Sep 1 2014, 10:23 PM

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Group: X-Men
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6 a.m.

Logan had just wrapped up an hour long work out in the weight room. He had always been an early bird and was very disciplined when it came to training and keeping his body tip top shape. Granted, it was an easy thing to do when one had a healing factor.

Six out of seven mornings of the week - every week with no exceptions he would put on some AC/DC, which was probably the only thing him and Stark had in common and blast it as he worked every corner of his body thoroughly and then have his healing factor take care of his soreness and cradle his growing muscles.

Now at 6:00 a.m. he stood at the danger room computer and loaded the intermediate training levels. There were other levels like advanced, extreme, and a custom loading level called "Wolverine" in which he himself created in which no one has been able to pass besides himself.

Now that it was ready to begin Logan put on his mask. It was a mask that went along with the familiar yellow and blue uniform he was known for wearing out in the field. Admittedly, he didn't wear it in the field much anymore but only for training purposes such as this.

"Where's that kid at?" He said to himself. Logan waited for his training student and was preparing her to join the X-Men ranks when he felt she was ready and her initial training was over. He did it for Shadow Cat and Jubilee and Surge was next in line.

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Noriko Ashida
Posted: Sep 2 2014, 01:04 PM

17 || BAHITI
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Group: X-Student Admin
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Six in the morning was a hell of a time to hold a training session. Surge was ridiculously interested in becoming an X-Man though, as much as she was surprised that she was even being hinted at having a chance. She knew she had some problems, after all, and not as much experience as others might have had..

Yet there it was. She had to force herself out of bed early enough to get there on time. Took the gauntlets off long enough to shower, then slipped them right back on, dressed, and headed out toward the Danger Room in her unofficial X-Man uniform of yellow and black. Maybe she'd had a hand in the styling of it.. The top was cut short to expose her midrif, but the bottoms were at least more practical, some very, very light leather armoring set into the pants. Sort of. Her blue hair was tied in a ponytail behind her head to keep it out of the way.

"Heylo?" she asked, once she reached the Danger Room, and stepped inside. The doors opened with a quiet shwishtk, and she wandered in, spotting Wolverine waiting there for her.

Wasn't it Craig who had advised against getting a detention with Logan? Well, at least this wasn't detention... Heheh.

"Sorry I'm late..! Six is really, really early.." She swung her arms back and forth slowly, almost as a stretching exercise. She was excited to get started, now that she was more awake, even if she wasn't sure exactly what they'd be doing.
James Howlett
Posted: Sep 2 2014, 08:57 PM

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Group: X-Men
Posts: 471
Member No.: 58
Joined: 4-January 13

Wolverine had his big-muscled arms folded and look of annoyance on his masked face as Noriko strolled in as if showing up late to Logan’s training session wasn’t a big deal. This teenager was about to find out the hard way that showing up late was a big mistake. Jubilee knows what it’s like and so does Kitty. They never made that mistake again.

The danger room was a giant, white, circular room with a very high ceiling for the flyers to get up and around. Panels lined the walls which out came holograms and robots depending on the trainer’s choice. The pain was simulated to give a sense of realism. A small shock was given if they were tagged by an enemy and an even heavier shock in the more difficult levels.

The teacher or trainer as it were slowly started walking circles around her but stayed silent. He looked her up and down and could not ever figure out why teenager’s put so much effort in accessories and looking good. Maybe Logan was just out of touch with today’s world. Granted, of course, it was probably easy to do that when one was over a hundred years old.

"Sorry I'm late..! Six is really, really early.."

Logan stopped in front of her and leaned into her personal space. His drill instructor approach to training kicked in, ”Ya’ show up late t’ my session and then complain about it?!” He started with a sudden raise in his voice.

He continued to circle her, ”Ya’ think yer’ damn enemies are gonna wait for ya’ t’ wake up in the mornin’ t’ ‘cause chaos in the streets!? Ya’ think they’re gonna wait for ya’ t’ wake up at a decent hour t’ start killin’ innocent people!?” Logan found it necessary to make her uncomfortable to toughen her up. He wanted the very best out of her and he would get it whether she liked it or not.

”You better get yer’ ass serious about this ‘cause I can tell you first hand your enemies won’t wait!” Logan continued. He wasn’t mad at her or didn’t dislike her in anyway but he had to approach it this way for a reason. Later on she would understand.

”Yer enemies get up at seven!? That means you get up at six! Oh, they get up at six?! You get up at five! Are we clear!?” Logan asked but didn’t wait for a response. ”Next session we start at five ‘cause ya’ like t’ complain so damn much!"

Logan finally lowered his voice but remained in her space, ” Ya’ wanna be an X-Man, do ya? You want a spot on this roster? Then this is what ya do. The blood, the sweat, and the tears. Ya’ work yer ass off and earn yer spot on this team. This ain’t the Avengers, kid. Nothin’ will be given to ya’.”

The drill instructor took a step back, ”Run program for holograms."” Logan stated to the computer. The hour long session was now beginning.

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