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There are no heroes. There are no villains. You will have to build the shackles of the government, or to prevent the chains of tyranny from ever forming. There was a time when the lines were clearly drawn, but now the chains of reality have been broken.


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 The Children of M, Heirs to Oblivion
Erik Lehnsherr
Posted: Aug 31 2014, 05:06 AM

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Well everyone knows that Magneto only ever truly loved one woman - any that came after were usually due to youth or comparable beliefs - Polaris' mother springs to mind. Suzanna was a mutant (at least suggested in the comics anyway) who was trying to deny herself. When she met Magneto she was able to be a mutant - to just be herself - for the first time ever. But she still loved the man she was engaged to - and after a night of accidental romance with Magneto - when Suzanna discovered herself pregnant she left Magneto, quickly married her new husband, and only spoke to Magneto once more. Making him promise never to tell anyone about who or what she really was - and to stay as far away from Lorna as possible

Magneto's relationship with Suzanna matches up to Magda's fairly well - they both denied him and then left him out of fear (Magda out of scarring over the camps and loss of her family - believing Magneto to be a monster. And Suzanna clinging to her life as human) so Magneto's kids never really got to be around him when they were kids - not knowing him until they were older.

That said, they are still an important part of his life and I thought I'd post this here (and probably on the 'D later) to try and get some peeps to pick them up so we can have many plottings smile.gif as we've seen in the comics, Pietro admires his father - but is too laid back and 'frivolous' (as Magneto once called him) and often annoys Magneto more than helps him as he tries to solve a problem by approaching it solo... and only succeeding in annoying Magneto more when he actually manages to pull off a win! Wanda is the balance between her two siblings - able to speak to Magneto carefully and cautiously and help him find his center. The 'one with the heart' as she's been called, Wanda is cautious, maternal and loving and often goes out of her way to keep the peace between her family members. Lorna has recently come to agree with Magneto's more violent tactics and is suffering from power instability because of her mental problems caused by the horrors of what happened in Genosha. Of all of his children, Lorna has always been the one to side quickest with Magneto - especially now - and it would be interesting to see him trying to help her regain control of her powers.

Anyway, these are just plot bunnies *spooky voice* dooo with them what you wiiiiill

Name: Pietro Maximoff
Alias: Quicksilver
Powers: Super Speed
Familial Relationship: Protective of both his sisters - but quicker to side with Wanda than Lorna. Doesn't quite trust Lorna because (after what happened at Genosha) Lorna has become more and more violent in her solutions to protect people from the growing anti-super beliefs. Also spent most of his childhood with Wanda and has only learned of his genetic link to Lorna over the past few years - though their status as former team mates made adopting her 'officially' as his sister more of a formality than anything else.

A maverick from the top of his uncut hair to the tips of his untrimmed toe nails, Pietro would rather stay on the run - keeping both of his sisters safe - than have anything to do with his father (who he believes is dead) or the Brotherhood. What he lacks of his fathers leadership skills or team-player abilities, he makes up for in brilliance and quick thinking. And has gone out of his way - as late - to make sure he, Wanda and Lorna remain hidden.

Especially now that the government has it out - not just for them - but for mutants AND super humans. It's a dangerous world and Pietro will do what it takes to protect his family... maybe even side against his father -or other mutants - if it means Wanda and Lorna remain safe.
Play-By: Open

Name: Wanda Maximoff
Alias: The Scarlet Witch
Powers: Control over chaos and probability itself
Relationship: Though neither she nor Pietro know who is older - it's always been Wanda whose the source of common sense and wisdom. Much more mature than her brother (but also more vulnerable because of her gentle heart) Wanda took to Lorna far more easily than Pietro (despite her brother and half-sister's past relationship as team mates) and has become close to Lorna in a very short time.

While Wanda has always hoped to find the good side of her father - she isn't quite as accepting of his past as Lorna, and tends to judge him more harshly when he acts with violence or cruelty. During her youth, when Magneto discovered their relationship with him, Wanda became (more or less) something of a conscience to Magneto. She cared so he didn't have to - and it was always Wanda who managed to make Magneto back down or calm down long enough to forget his blood lust and anger and act logically.

Just as protective of her brother as he is of her; Wanda also worries constantly about Lorna because of her increasingly unstable powers, submerged rage and violent tendencies. Because of her ability to sense probabilities - Wanda knows what COULD happen if Lorna doesn't learn to regain control of her powers. Having found another part of her family - a sister - Wanda doesn't want that to happen. And tends to play big sister not just to her brother - but to Lorna as well. Which, depending on Lorna's mood, can lead to harsh words as Lorna isn't always willing to accept Wanda's cautious solutions.

Though, as with Magneto, Wanda can usually calm her half-sister down... or at least talk some sense into her when needed.
Play-By: Open

Name: Lorna Dane
Alias: Polaris
Powers: Comparable to Magneto's - but lacking in focus (including stability as of late) and possessing none of Magneto's psychic abilities
Relationship: Before Genosha, Lorna was a staunch supporter of Charles Xavier's dream - but then she'd never seen the ultimate forms of cruelty that her father had. Unable to resolve the truth about her birth-father and her mother - Lorna discovered (upon investigation) that a magnetic field had crippled her parents flight and killed them. Angry and convinced it was Magneto's doing - Lorna left the mansion and came to Genosha to confront him. Magneto, always hoping that Lorna would embrace his new world, had named her his chief heir (as Wanda didn't want to be a queen and Pietro never had any interest in leading) and she was greeted as a princess by the local populace.

Confused - but impressed by what these millions of mutants had accomplished - Lorna discovered (upon confronting Magneto) that - rather than Magneto destroying the plane her parents had been on - SHE had done it herself. Her step-father's mistrust of her mother had led to a fight. The anger between the two adults confusing and terrifying Lorna to the point of accidentally triggering her powers. Shocked and terrified at this revelation - Lorna spent several months in Genosha trying to figure out what to do with herself as her primary reason for hating Magneto (the death of her mother and the mysteries of her birth) were gone now. Suzanna had forced Magneto to let her keep the child and keep himself uninvolved in her upbringing. When she'd died Magneto had kept that promise out of guilt... and without her hatred for someone she'd loathed for so long Lorna wasn't sure what to do.

Then the attack on Genosha occurred - sixteen million lives extinguished in a matter of days. Lorna found anger and hatred stronger than any before. She grew up that day and hasn't been the quite the same ever since. When Charles and the X-Men came to help Lorna and the other survivors, Lorna lashed out at Xavier and blamed his 'pacifist dreams' for causing all these deaths. Much like her fathers anger from generations before, Lorna was only stopped by Pietro and Wanda when they managed to talk her down and the three fled. Since then Lorna, her half-brother and half-sister have been on the run. Sometimes together - sometimes apart (depending on their covers) they're all known to the government so hiding in the US is difficult - getting out of it is even MORE difficult.

Worse still, Lorna's psychological scarring left over from the deaths of so many people and a battle she couldn't win has made her powers unstable and hard to control. Only able to really harness them when she's really emotional or angry, Pietro has been trying to help Lorna find someone to help her (when they aren't apart) but the only person who can really give her any return to normality is missing or dead... or at least Pietro and Wanda think he is. Magneto vanished shortly after the fall of Genosha - Lorna never found a body. So she has yet to accept his death.

Though this is probably more due to her fragile psychological state than any real hope that he could still be alive...
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I'm so old now
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I'm old enough to know that a longer life isn't always a better one
In the end you just get tired
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