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 Feel The Tempo, Attn: Lorna
Paz Munoz
Posted: Sep 3 2014, 05:27 PM

24 || CRAIG
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Group: Human
Posts: 96
Member No.: 204
Joined: 3-June 13

Paz was doing one of her favorite things in the world. With her emceeing an event at a local club, she got to put her fingers to vinyl. To be able to manipulate the sounds of the different beats, melodies, and vocals to move the crowd was almost a drug to her. Plus, it didn't hurt that she was getting paid for this.

After a few more scratches, she ended her first set. As the people on the dance floor cheered, Paz picked up the microphone.

"Eeeeyup, this DJ Veras. I'm here all night! So, we're just gonna keep it going after this break. Remember, drinks are free all night, but please exercise caution!" With that done, Paz played a random song before she leaned against the booth.

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Lorna Dane
Posted: Sep 3 2014, 06:00 PM

21 || JADED
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Group: Brotherhood
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Member No.: 395
Joined: 31-August 14

lorna s. dane

Lorna stared at her reflection in the mirror. How Alex had convinced her to do this was beyond her. Something about testing herself. The only reason that she agreed was to see Alex's face and to see him proud. So that's what left Lorna standing in her apartment, staring at her reflection. She didn't look like herself. She wore a skin-tight white dress with black accents that hugged her curves and made her feel self-conscious. The straps crossed in the back and the bottom of the dress hugged just below her bottom. She was covered, but barely.

What was even more unlike her was her hair. The blonde tresses were spun up into an up-do with false bangs hanging into her face. She'd bought one of those temporary hair colour highlight wants and she'd added some green highlights into her hair. And there was her make-up. Normally wearing light, natural looking make-up, Lorna had applied heavy make-up. Her green eyes looked dark and dangerous. She looked dangerous. She was dangerous.

But more than that, Lorna was terrified. This would be one of the hardest exercises in control that she'd ever done. Besides, she was wearing a pair of black stiletto heels and she never really did well in them. Slowly, Lorna left her apartment, and took a cab to the club Alex had suggested. It wasn't as busy as some clubs, and she might succeed here.

Several minutes later, Lorna lurked on the edges of the club, watching the people on the dance floor. She had to admit, this DJ did have a talent. The beat was good. She almost wanted to dance. Sighing, Lorna ordered a drink, probably a little too heavy on the alcohol and she downed it quickly. She did that several times. She knew better than to drink to much. It made her even more unstable than usual.

Lorna stumbled on her heels, nearly falling. Suddenly, she felt a surge of power coursing through her veins. The club was instantly plunged into darkness. She knew something like this would happen. Lorna pressed into the wall and tried to keep herself from further control.

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Paz Munoz
Posted: Sep 3 2014, 06:29 PM

24 || CRAIG
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Group: Human
Posts: 96
Member No.: 204
Joined: 3-June 13

As the song reached its end, Paz felt that feeling in his chest again -- the feeling of anticipation. She wanted to get into her next set up and going. She already knew how she was going to kick it off. A little dubstep mixed in with the old school raps and....

The power went out. The people on the dance floor started to murmur. Paz looked around, trying her best to try and see her surroundings.

"Okay, when I wanted to shut the club down, this is NOT what I meant," she whispered.

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