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Everything appeared to be going well for the Order, but everything quickly took a turn for the worse.... Dumbledore has been ousted from Hogwarts, and the Muggleborns have been forced to register with the Ministry. Minister Kirke has placed Bellatrix Black in charge of Hogwarts, and Dumbledore has been forced into hiding, to be arrested for hiding Muggleborns.
To save Muggleborns and those who support them, the Blackhorse Family has opened up their property to allow Dumbledore to teach, in secret, those that can no longer attend Hogwarts. A fair few are going with him, while the rest are forced to go back to Hogwarts, whether out of fear of the government, or loyalty to the Dark Lord.

Great Britain
July 1977









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 trying to move on, lily!
Remus Lupin
Posted: Mar 3 2010, 01:38 PM

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Remus sighed as he closed his book and made his way down to the third corridor to patrol. He was to meet Lily. He felt so much like a robot now. He went through the motions without feeling anything. He was completely numb. He didn't know how to feel. Sometimes he would escape to a corner and cry, and others he would pace in the boys dormitory, wishing he could punch something he was so mad. Peter didn't deserve to die that way. No one did. It felt like, ever since the incident, time stood still for him. Morning was no different from night. He went to classes, he practiced spells and attempted making potions, but nothing was right. He'd distanced himself from mostly everyone, even James and Sirius, and the girls. He felt like Peter deserved more than he had gotten. So many times they made fun of him, all in good fun, but still. It was like Peter was never as important as he should have been. And now it was too late, he was gone. and there was nothing Remus could do to fix it.

He waited for Lily, watching some third year girls giggle over something as they walked by him. Remus hadn't smiled for weeks. He wondered how anyone could be happy. Peter had been so inconsequential that everyone it seemed, besides himself, had been able to move on. Times were dangerous, but still, he had thought he was safe here. Now he felt he couldn't even go to sleep without having nightmares. He couldn't go anywhere without his wand anymore. He had even begun sleeping with his wand under his pillow. It was clear he hadn't been getting any sleep, just from his appearance. The usual tidy boy who prided himself in always being dressed smartly, didn't seem to care anymore. His hair was never brushed, there were dark circles under his eyes, his tie hung loosely around his neck and half of his shirt tail was sticking out of his pants. He couldn't stop replaying the night Peter died in his head. It had been so sudden. It had been too soon. And as soon as he got out of Hogwarts, he was going to do something about, make no mistake.

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Lily Evans
Posted: Apr 3 2010, 12:41 PM

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imagine there's no heaven
no hell below us, above us only sky

Lily was worried for Remus to say the least. She knew he’d taken Peter’s death harder than perhaps anyone of their friends. She felt guilty for it, and she knew she should feel worse about it, but it was difficult to focus on, what with so many other things that could go desperately wrong. Every time he was around, Lily could see how heartily he disapproved of them moving on so quickly. She always felt guilty when she saw his form, what had become a shell of Remus wandering the halls aimlessly. She didn’t know what to do really, because she hadn’t known Peter all that well. Remus and Marley had been the only two of the group she had really known until she and James had finally started dating. She knew it wasn’t right that he should have died, but there was nothing to be done for it now. All she could do was continue to live, and even though she hadn’t known peter as well as the others, she couldn’t think that Peter wouldn’t want them to live and enjoy life in his memory, would he? She knew if she died, sure, she’d want them to mourn at her funeral, but she wouldn’t want them to live in the shadow of her death for all eternity. All they could do was remember him and avenge his death, which she fully intended to do. But first, she had to make sure the ministry realized they weren’t docile sheep that would simply lay down and accept their fate

Lily was walking towards where she spotted the mussed and haggard Remus, noticing the same little gaggle of third years. “It’s almost nine o clock, get back to your dorms or I’ll report you to your head of house.” Okay, so maybe she was a little harsh, but one glance at Remus’ face told her she needed to talk to him and help him, and the giggling would only irritate her. She felt for him, she did, he’d always been a friend, even when she’d disliked James and Sirius so heartily. She knew the feelings he was feeling, she’d watched quietly as he continued on in fear of everything and became more and more empty. Hogwarts wasn’t safe anymore, they all felt it. She feared for her life, because what was the death of one muggle-born girl to a regime who so clearly despised her? When she stopped next to Remus, she took him in, the messy hair, the un-tucked shirt, loose tie and dark circles and her brow furrowed in worry. She reached out and her hand touched his wrist softly. She was terribly worried for him, and she couldn’t stand to see him like this. “Remus…you have to pick yourself up and dust yourself off…” She moved close enough and hugged the boy who was her friend, and currently made up one of the most painful sights she’d ever seen in her life. Not moving from the hug, she spoke again. “Remus, Peter wouldn’t want to see you like this. You’ve got to move on with your life, you have to just know that we will get revenge and not let them take over in this way.” Stepping back, she looked up at him, a mixture of anger and worry in her green eyes. “Remus, if you dwell, you let them take you over, and Peter’s death becomes in vain and his memory tarnished.

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I made it, yeah.

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