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Title: Ava Gardner might've been a lesbian or bisexual.

VivLeigh79 - September 19, 2007 06:54 PM (GMT)
Printed in The Daily Mail on July 15, 2006 were extracts from a new biography of Gardner written by Lee Server. It contains a story of Frank Sinatra bursting into a restaurant in Beverly Hills in 1952 at which Gardner, Lana Turner and a companion were having dinner and screaming at them 'Lesbians! You're a bunch of lesbians! All of you Lesbians! Lesbians! Lesbians!'

A biography has previously alleged that Sinatra found Gardner and Turner in bed together and Gardner admitted an affair with Turner and a number of other high-profile female stars to the journalist Michael Thornton. When asked why she denied it at the time she replied that the morals clause in their contracts meant they would have been terminated had such information been made public.

Think this is true? Ava Gardner just might be the hottest lesbian to walk the earth.

toddispinkfloyd - September 19, 2007 10:55 PM (GMT)

Thanks, Vicki.

VivLeigh79 - September 20, 2007 01:10 PM (GMT)
This one might make you feel warm and cuddly too. Greta Garbo was one herself.

By the way, it was a theatre performance by Betty Grable that sent Ava over the top. Betty wasn't gay, but Ava had her awakening watching her on stage.

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