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The Scribe - February 12, 2012 10:46 PM (GMT)


If you take one of these characters please be sure to keep them active!
All play-bys are only suggestions and you can use whoever you want.

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Arthur Pendragon
High-King of Albion . Thirty-Seven . Nobility

Arthur has just taken the throne and is struggling to unite Albion after years of fighting amongst the lesser Kings have torn it apart.
play-by: Clive Owen

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Queen of Albion . Twenty-Six . Nobility

Arthur's queen. Guinevere is just as strong-willed and brave as her husband. She's willing to do anything to protect her kingdom, and is even a pretty decent shot with a bow. Her heart is torn between her love for Arthur and Lancelot.
play-by:Lucy Griffiths

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Sir Lancelot Du Lac
Knight . Twenty-Six . Knight of the Round Table

The Adoptive son of the Lady of the Lake. Lancelot is considered one of Arthur's most noble and loyal knights. He is also having an affair with the Queen.
Suggested play-by: Santiago Cabrera

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Sir Ector
Knight . Fifty-nine . Knight of the Round Table

Arthur's adoptive father. Merlin came to him when Arthur was still a baby and told him to raise the boy. Merlin didn't say who Arthur was, but he raised him as if he were his own son. He always found it's best not to question Merlin.
Suggested play-by: Gary Oldman

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Sir Cai
Knight . Thirty-eight . Knight of the Round Table

Arthur's adoptive brother. Cold-hearted and stubborn, but extremely loyal to his brother. He's exceptionaly brave and a fantastic warrior.
Suggested play-by: Sean Bean

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Sir Gawaine
Knight . Thirty-Two . Knight of the Round Table

The oldest son of Morgana, though his relationship with his mother isn't what you might call "the best." He is fiercely loyal to the rest of his family however. He's an incorrigible flirt and he has a bit of a temper, but he's a pretty decent guy.
Suggested play-by: Eoin Macken

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Sir Gaheris
Knight . Thirty-One . Knight of the Round Table

Gaheris is one of Gawaine's younger brothers. He help's balance out Gawaine's temper.
Suggested play-by: Rupert Young

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Sir Agrivane
Knight . Thirty . Knight of the Round Table

Another one of Gawaine's brothers. he is closest to his brother Mordred. Agrivane is a bit of a black sheep in his family. He's rather bloodthirsty and he tends to spend his free time drunk,or else getting there.Despite this he is very intelligent. You'd be hard pressed to find someone more cunning than him.
Suggested play-by: Ray Stevenson

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Sir Mordred
Knight . Twenty-One . Knight of the Round Table

Arthur's illigitamate son by his half-sister Morgana (it's a long story). Arthur doesn't know this. Mordred does. It's Morgana's intention to use Mordred as a tool against Arthur, and there is a prophesy about how he is to bring about the downfall of Albion. Mordred's own loyalties, however are torn between his Mother and Arthur. He prefers not to think much of the future and what he may or may not do.
play-by: Jason Momoa

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Kitchen boy/Knight . Twenty . Knight of the round table

Gawaine's youngest brother. He snuck in to Camelot in the disguise of a kitchen boy in some strange convoluted scheme to become a knight.
Suggested play-by: Ben Barnes

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Sir Pellinor
King of Listeneise/Knight . Sixty One . Knight of the round table

King of Listeneise,one of the lesser kingdoms in Albion. Pellinor spends much of his time hunting for the Questing Beast, which only he can do. In fact, this was what he was doing when he met Arthur and ended up in a duel with him.Pellinor managed to break Arthur's sword (the first one, before he got excalibur) and Arthur was so impressed with his swordsmanship he asked Pellinor to be one of his knights. Pellinor agreed and he and Arthur have been friends since. Pellinor may or may not be slightly insane...
Suggested play-by: Ron Perlman

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Sir Percival
Knight . Twenty Seven . Knight of the round table/Council of Avalon

For most of his life, Percival was raised by his mother in the woods, away from civilization. One day, he came across a group of knights wandering through the area and since then it has been his goal in life to become a knight. His father is The Fisher King, Ruler of Corbenic and it is Percival's duty to find him and heal him. Because of his relation to the Fisher King he is an Honorary member of the Council of Avalon.
Suggested play-by: Tom Hopper

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Sir Dagonet
Knight/Court Jester . Twenty Seven . Knight of the round table/ Council of Avalon

Dagonet pretends to be foolish and cowardly, but really he is brilliant. A keen observer with a sarcastic wit, Dagonet is one of the more important members of the council of Avalon.
Suggested play-by: Kit Harrington

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Taliesin Ben Beirdd
Bard . Unknown . Council of Avalon

The King's bard, and an emissary to Loegria. Taliesin had led a rather...complicated life.
play-by: Mads Mikkelsen

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Merlinus Ambrosius
Wizard . Unknown . Council of Avalon

Merlin was born to a Mortal Mother and a father who was one of the Fair Folk. He spent much of his life growing up and learning magic. He has been working behind the scenes for years trying to make Albion the prosperous and powerful kingdom he knows it can be.
play-by: Jeremy Irons

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Melusine . Unknown . Council of Avalon

Viviane is the lady of the lake. She guarded Excalibur before Arthur came to claim it and she raised Lancelot. She and Merlin have a bit of an on-off relationship thing going.
Suggested play-by: Cate Blanchett

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Wizard Apprentice . Twenty Nine . Council of Avalon

Nimue is Merlin's apprentice. She is an ambitious young woman, always seeking new knowledge. Her intelligence and talent have impressed Merlin, who is starting to develop feelings for her (when he isn't mooning over Viviane that is...)
play-by: Katie Mcgrath

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Queen of Lothian . Fourty Nine . Nobility

Morgana is Arthur's half sister and the ruler of Lothian. She believes she is the rightful ruler of Albion and will do anything to get her throne.
play-by: Emilia Fox

The Scribe - February 13, 2012 04:48 AM (GMT)


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King John
King of Loegria . Thirty-Two . Nobility
There are rumors going around that the death of John's brother, Richard, wasn't an accident. Some people say it was due to a deal he made with one of the Fair Folk that he is now King. John's not saying anything one way or the other, though.
Suggested play-by: Oscar Isaac

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William of Nottingham
Sheriff of Nottingham . Fourty-Five . Nobility
He is not a bad guy, but he does have a job to do and that job includes catching outlaws like Robin Hood. He's a bit of a coward, but his cleverness more than makes up for that fact. He may or may not be attracted to Maid Marian...
Suggested play-by: Alan Rickman

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Robert of Locksly, Earl of Huntingdon/Robin Hood
Earl of Huntingdon/Highwayman . Thirty-Six . Nobility/Merry Man
Robert of Locksly, Earl of Huntingdon. why yes, he is every bit as much a pompous eegit as the name would have you believe.He's a bit of a fop, and he's always been known for kissing up to those who have more power than him He was, as a matter of fact, one of the Former King's closest friends. Why should it change now?

What no one else knows however, is that he's actually Robin Hood, the infamous outlaw. Far more competent than he lets on, Robin is the leader in a Rebellion against King John, robing from the rich, giving to the poor, and just generally stirring up chaos. Does this have anything to do with the mysterious death of his old friend? ...Maybe....
Suggested play-by: David Wenham

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Little John
Highwayman . Fourty-Seven. Merry Man
Robin's second-in-command. Very intelligent and a highly capable fighter, he joined up with Robin when he beat him at quarter-staves.
Suggested play-by: Gordon Kennedy

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Much, the Miller's Son
Highwayman . Twenty-Eight. Merry Man
Much was caught poaching deer on the Sheriff's lands and was going to be hanged. Robin and his men rescued him and he's been working with them ever since.
Suggested play-by: Sam Troughton

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Will Scarlett
Highwayman . Twenty-two. Merry Man
Will is Robin's Nephew and one of the few people who knows who he really is. He ran away from home when he was younger looking to join up with the Merry Men, and robin took him in, hoping to keep him out of too much trouble.
Suggested play-by: Harry Lloyd

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Maid Marian
Outlaw .Thirty-Four . Merry Man
Robin's wife. They first met when Marian disguised herself as a page and held her own against him in a swordfight. Robin learned who she was soon after and he fell for her.
play-by: Miranda Otto

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Sir George the Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer .Thirty-Four . Knight
It's a hereditary title, really. George comes from a long line of Dragon Slayers, knights of a special order who's sole duty it was to slay dragons. All the men in his family were trained to do this, but the dragons haven't been a problem in Loegria for ages now and his family has fallen out of favor. If what people are saying is true though, about the magic returning to the land and the dragons awakening...well then, he might finally get his chance after all.
Suggested play-by: Luke Evens

The Scribe - February 13, 2012 06:27 AM (GMT)


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King Ivar
King of Nóregr . Fifty-nine. Nobility

Among his people, Ivar of Nóregr is considered a noble, brave man. It is a deep love for the past and the traditions of his people that drive his actions. This is why he continues to allow the raids on Albion and Loegria, even though his courtiers are urging him to stop it for fear of an all out war. He sees no problem with it, this was how things were done when he was young and anyway, what threat do Albion and Loegria pose? Yeah...Ivar also has a habit of underestimating his enemies...
Suggested play-by: Ivan Serebryannikov

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Queen Lifa
Queen of Nóregr . Fourty-five. Nobility

Ivar's wife. She couldn't have children, until one day an old witch helped her out. She told Lifa to set a drinking-cup with two handles upside down in the north-west corner of the palace gardens at sunset. At sunrise, if she lifted it up she would find two roses underneath it. If she ate the red rose she would have a boy, the white rose a girl, but she was not to eat both roses. The queen did as the old woman had said, and was surprised to find the two roses where the witch had said they would be. She'd forgotten the witch's warning though, and ate both. Now, because of this mistake, she keeps a very dangerous secret from the king...
Suggested play-by: Natalia Wörner

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Prince of Nóregr . Twenty-Five. Nobility
The Prince of Nóregr, a nice enough guy once you get to know him. Unkowingly the younger out of a set of twins.
Suggested play-by: David Oakes

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Prince of Nóregr/Lindworm . Twenty-Five. Exiled Nobility
The result of Queen Lifa eating both roses, instead of just one. When Lifa gave birth to her twin sons, one was born a normal human being, the other a dragon. Jormungand is the dragon. His mother never told the king, and he was sent off and raised by the old witch his mother met. He is human most of the time, but when his hunger overcomes him he is forced into his dragon form and then...well....
Suggested play-by: David Oakes

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Witch. Unknown. Magic Folk
A witch, but the nice kind. She has a habit of showing up and helping people when they seem to really need it. Can be a little nosy at times, maybe. She's been raising and keeping an eye on Jormungand for the past twenty-five years. He seems to have slipped away from her though...
Suggested play-by: Maggie Smith

The Scribe - February 17, 2012 12:57 AM (GMT)


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King Milluccio
King of Víteliú . Fourty-Three . Nobility

Milluccio was never considered a bad king. Even now he's not. He's seen as wise, and good, and just. Perhaps he enjoys the hunt too much, but his people can't expect him to be perfect. After finding his brother in his room, trying to kill him from the looks of it he started to suspect something was wrong. He just doesn't know what, or how to stop it from destroying his kingdom.
Suggested play-by: Viggo Mortensen

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Dragonslayer/ Outlaw . Twenty-Nine . Exiled Nobility

He heard two birds talking about it, the curse that was laid on his brother, crazy as that might sound. But he's not crazy! At least, he doesn't think he is...Anyway, if he told him, if he let Milluccio find out he'd turn to stone, and then where would we be? So after that dragon disappeared, and Milluccio found him..well what was he supposed to say? So he was sent to the dungeons for an attempted assassination. He escaped though! And now he just has this whole mess to clean up...
Suggested play-by: Karl Urban

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Queen of Víteliú . Twenty-Four . Nobility
The Daughter of a Magician. Ran off to marry the king.
Suggested play-by: Liv Tyler

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Wizard . Fifty One . Magic Folk
Liviella's Father. a Magician who was not happy at all when he learned of what happened to his daughter. This is the guy who cursed the king.
Suggested play-by: Hugo Weaving

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Witch Hunter . Thirty-Six . Peasant
The Foremost Witch Hunter in all of Víteliú. He's finding his skills are becoming more in demand as of late.
Suggested play-by: Richard Armitage

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Advisor to the King .Thirty. Rebel Leader
The advisor to the King, he's secretly working on a way to get rid of the Queen, who he and several others blame for all the strife that's been going on in Víteliú as of late.
Suggested play-by: Gethin Anthony

The Scribe - February 19, 2012 02:12 AM (GMT)

Cera Tierretelo

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Exiled Princess. Twenty-eight. Noble
Rapunzel was the daughter of the King of the Cera Tierretelo, Stalvan. When Stalvan insulted one of the Fair Folk and was about to pay for it with his life, Rapunzel stepped in and asked to take her father's place. She was locked up in a tower and had accepted her fate, but then the prince came along and "rescued her" and her father ended up getting killed anyway. Now she's searching for her people, but is still caught up in a curse put on her by the same fae who locked her in the tower.
play-by: Candice Night

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Pwca. Unknown. Solitary Fae
The easily insulted fae who put Rapunzel in the tower as revenge for the disrespect directed towards him by Rapunzel's father. Kept Rapunzel alive because he liked the way she looks.
Suggested play-by: Robert Carlyle

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Prince. Twenty-nine. Noble
The Prince who rescued Rapunzel. He thought he was helping. He was wrong. Now he's following her around, trying to make it up to her...
Suggested play-by: Josh Dallas


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