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 Sigmund Felix Fitzgerald II, Male Student
Posted: Feb 19 2012, 03:01 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 26
Member No.: 6
Joined: 10-February 12

Name: Sigmund Felix Fitzgerald II

Nickname(s): Fitz or Felix.

Gender: Male.

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual.

Age: 11.

Birthday: April 21.

Job: Student.

Having grown up on the streets of a less than savory European ghetto, Fitz had acquired an attitude. It was necessary for survival then but at Biladeau it was greeted with negative responses. After he had learned that this wasnít necessary he had proven to be a well behaved, intelligent, and witty gentleman. However, if provoked the boy had some fight left in him. In these circumstances, his street persona resurfaced and so did his sarcastic, harsh tongue that could make a sailor blush. If given the right amount of space and time however, he would then feel guilty for his words and apologize.

If wronged, Fitz is known for keeping grudges especially to those that befriended him. He also doesnít care to show his emotions. If his day wasnít going as planned he tends to be rather withdrawn, insulting others as an outlet. Usually, however, Fitz is friendly, playfully pranking inhabitants of the boysí dorm. He is known to pocket others belongings not for his own but to hide them in places his victim wouldnít think to look.

Physical Appearance:
Fitz is rather small for his age probably a consequence of many starving nights. After the filth was washed from his hair he discovered that his dark blond hair was actually much lighter. It is straight in texture and his bangs fall into pale green eyes. Since he is still a child the features of his face are soft but evidence of a hard life can still be seen. A long jagged scar that begins beside his right nostril and slicing diagonally through his bottom lip ending at his chin was obtained from a fight were another boy had pulled a knife on him. He also has several scars from being bitten by a dog on his forearms.

Species: Gifted human.

Being only eleven, Fitzís powers arenít fully developed. So far he knows that he can hear otherís thoughts but hasnít mastered the ability to silence them out if need be. Projecting his own thoughts into the minds of others is a different story entirely. Instead of focusing the message to one person he tends to accidently project it to all the people he hears in his head.

The most important and somewhat dangerous aspect of Fitzís power he has yet to discover. The child is an illusionist. If he wanted to he could drive someone insane with his hallucinations.

Academics Ė A child of the streets doesnít have time for school and Fitz wasnít the exception. At the time he didnít think much of it because he associated himself with a group of boys who were also uneducated. When he was enrolled in the school however, he couldnít help but feel inferior to those that were literate even if he was learning quickly.

Large dogs Ė After being attacked by a feral dog, Fitz is terrified of dogs or anything resembling a dog including wolves. If near one he has the tendency to stiffen, too afraid to run.

Chocolate Ė If one wanted to obtain information or needed a favor Fitz would do it if presented with a decently sized bar of chocolate. Chocolate was scarce and expensive to a street child. If you wanted it, you could steal it and hope you could out run the shopkeeper or Fitzís favorite con people into giving it to you by withholding valuable information.

Stealing for sport.
Pulling pranks.

His name.
Getting caught.

Brief History Ė Born to a substance abusing mother in one of the poorest ghettos in Europe. Before he could remember her, Fitz was left on the doorstep of a nearby church where he was raised by nuns until he was eight. He left the church to live with a group of boys his age and older. These boys were considered the scum of the city but to him they were the closest thing he had to family. They stole to survive. First they raided gardens then got brave enough to sneak into houses for clothes and money.

When Fitz tenth birthday neared, everything changed. He had begun to hear voices. The other boys especially the older ones thought he was insane until they had found themselves wandering around the richer parts of the neighborhood. The boys learned that if Fitz could hear the inhibtants of the house, that meant the house they were about to raid was currently occupied or the owner was within distance. This lead to more successful raids which eventually caught the unwanted attention of a certain wealthy gifted.

This event changed Fitz life incredibly. A year later after discovering his powers, Fitz would go by himself to raid houses. Since he was alone he was no longer bothered by the thoughts of his companions. That day was freezing cold and he was looking to thieve a coat. The house he stumbled upon was silent so he opened the door. A wide grin creased his face as the warmth of the foyer greeted him. He walked happily through the empty halls until a voice had him stop, frozen with fear to the polished wooden floors.

Sigmund Felix Fitzgerald II, huh? You look too small for a name like that. He whipped around to face nothing but the darkness of the empty hall. The voice laughed a deep chuckle. Iím in the dining room trying to enjoy my supper. If you concentrate hard enough Iím sure you can find me. The voice faded from Fitzís thoughts leaving him just curious enough to seek after him. He followed the instructions given and eventually found himself in a lavish dining area with a long table. At the end of the table was an aged man.

After introducing himself as Vladimir Hansen he allowed Fitz to join him. Fitz of course didnít refuse and indulged himself to a full meal. After nothing but silence Vladimir spoke informing him that he was gifted and others like himself existed. Himself being one that shared the same ability as Fitz. He then told Fitz that after dessert they were going on a trip to a school that would teach him skills that would make him acceptable in society as well as accepted in the gifted society.

So then Fitz was taken kicking and screaming to Biladeauís. His tuition paid in full supplied by Mr. Vladimir Hansen.
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