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 Doyle, Erik Nelson, WIP
Erik Nelson Doyle
Posted: Jan 28 2012, 11:08 PM

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Joined: 28-January 12

first middle last name

NAME: Erik Nelson Doyle
AGE: 18
DATE OF BIRTH: January 2nd, 1993
PARENTS: Rachael Ann Mackenzie (Maiden Name)/Doyle (Taken name), Harrison Michael Doyle
GENDER: male
SEXUALITY: Heterosexual as far as he's concerned. Keeping his options open.

HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown
ART: Instrumental (violin, piano)
GRADE/OCCUPATION: Grade 12, looking to be hired for a part time job
HOW DID YOU FIND US: RP friend of megameg

get to know first last name
HEIGHT: 6 foot 1
WEIGHT: 120lb
STLYE: Always overdressed, suitjackets, tucked in shirts, neat hair (occasional hats), nice shoes. Rarely seen in anything more casual than a button up shirt. Has a bad habit of wearing the wrong thing to social occasions and feeling embarrassed for it later. Has thick glasses that he normally wears, but uses contacts when he can't find them.
LIKES: Classical music, big empty areas, bitter coffee, stress (he feels like he works better when he's stressed), literature, black and white, intimate conversations, his laptop, the smell of a fire and his cats.
DISLIKES: People who are all talk but have nothing to back it up, rain, suck ups, overly excitable people (he gets a bit freaked out and retreats a bit), rock music (it rubs him the wrong way), dimly lit rooms (he has a hard enough time seeing as it is), the "party" scene (he's too studious and not social enough to enjoy himself), sweet desserts or drinks, people who dress like slobs and when he feels like he's failed other people.
STRENGTHS: Hard working to the point of perfectionism, level headed, opens up easily with someone he's comfortable with, strong in all areas of music (except composition), straight and too the point.
WEAKNESSES: Jaded, can appear cynical in first impressions, has a hard time separating work from play, doesn't do well in crowds, is more likely to be apathetic than take action.
FEARS: People thinking he isn't good enough, crowds
PERSONALITLY: Erik is studious and hard working. As soon as he recognized he had a talent, he worked to hone it and make it something worth talking about. He has a hard time being outgoing in crowds, however he's likely to initiate conversation with one other person. He doesn't particularly like animals, save for cats, as he feels they are some what similar to himself. He doesn't mind spending time alone, but will often use the time to practice or study. When socializing, he'll stick to one person and talk to them, but is unlikely to participate in anything that he might find embarrassing or against his moral standards. He values neatness and always dresses neatly, as well keeps his room clean. He takes interest in the other creative arts but because he isn't as good at them as he is music, he believes that he is terrible at them (he has high standards). In an attempt to be more social, he is trying to seek out new relationships and friendships instead of being passive-aggressive and letting people come to him. However, he isn't sure how well that will work. FAMILY: Only child, parents encouraged abilities and skills, though there was pressure to do well, but nothing traumatic.
HAPPIEST MEMORY: He was approached by a young girl when he was in grade 2, and they later became best friends. Before then he spent most of his time alone, and this was a positive change for him.
WORST MEMORY: Receiving a 70 on his composition exam, and feeling like he let down his parents and himself. He never forgave himself for it and continues to work hard to improve his composition abilities.

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