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 Those Rare Moments Of Relaxation [Open!]
Posted: Sep 7 2011, 01:47 PM

Advanced Member

Group: Moderators
Posts: 124
Member No.: 7
Joined: 6-September 11

The Falls were always spectacular, and today was no exception. Clear, cold water toppled over the edges of the red rock, cascading down into a lake that pooled dark and deep before running off, fast and chuckling, into a river. The water eventually reached the sea, he knew that, after having passed through grasslands and skirting the wide desert to the south of the Weyr. Standing at the top of the Falls, having taken the winding path that wended its way up the cliffs, he felt like he could see forever, the view stretching in every direction: to the mountains in the north, tall and forbidding, snow-capped even at this time of year, the Weyrbowl to the West, with tiny figures moving about in it, and then the grasslands that ran to desert to the south, extending to the horizon where the land met the sky.

Standing here, on a rock at the edge of the river, only a few feet from where the cliffs dropped away and the water followed, a great deal of things seemed rather insignificant. It would take a great deal to change the flow of the water, the rise of the mountains and the stretch of the land and that, Eyidan often felt, was rather comforting.

Closing his eyes for a second, he let the sound of the water wash over him, the roar as the water plummeted down, crashing into the lake below. Coupled with that was the sigh of the wind, always fresh up here, gently tugging at his clothes and hair, whispering into his ears. A faint mist of water fell onto him, light enough not to make him particularly wet, but cooling, even with the sun beating down from above. It was almost the middle of the day, after all, and Rukbat was at it's height.

His reverie was broken by a scolding little growl from the bank, and he opened his eyes, turning slightly, to find two very disgruntled pairs of eyes fixed upon him. It was the owner of the smallest pair that had made the noise, the dark red swiftlizard fixing him with a pointed look even as her voice echoed in his head. Come. Kupfer's voice was as rough and to the point as ever - even among swiftlizards, she spoke very little. The runnerkin standing next to her, brilliantly gold in the sunlight, would never dream of commanding him so, but the pleading way in which she was eying him told Eyidan quite clearly that she too objected to him standing quite so near the edge of the cliff.

"I'm not in any danger," Eyidan protested, but gave in. It wouldn't do, after all, for him to topple over the edge. He picked his way across the rocks back to the shore, where both swiftlizard and runnerkin gave him a careful nuzzle, checking to make sure he hadn't hurt himself along the way. Satisfied with their inspections, Aurea and Kupfer shared a satisfied look, then the former moved away a few steps to poke her muzzle into a few bushes, careful to not stray too far. Kupfer, though, stayed at Eyidan's side, tilting her long head to the side to observe him carefully.

"We'll go back down in a bit," he said. "I just need a bit of time away." Things were rather chaotic down in the Weyrhold at the moment, with new Candidates arriving by the day, a Clutch on the Sands, the suspected coming of Thread and, of course, the myriad of ordinary problems that any Hold - even those without dragons attached to them - suffered from. Though never one to shirk his duties (indeed, Eyidan positively embraced them) it was sometimes nice to escape for a bit of peace and quiet. It gave him time to think, and he often found himself both reinvigorated and possessed of potential solutions to problems when he returned to Alaula.

With that in mind, he sank down onto the ground, leaning against a rock he had earlier chosen as suitable for this purpose, stretching his long legs out on front of him with a sigh. Atop the rock was neatly placed Aurea's tack, for Eyidan had removed it after the trio had gained the top of the cliffs. Tilting his head back until it rested against the rock, Eyidan smiled slightly as Kupfer sat next to him, head held high as she kept alert for any potential danger. The rest of his little menagerie was back at the Weyrhold, Eyidan having not wanted to drag all of them to the Falls (the more of them there were, the chances of getting involved in things increased exponentially, and Fern and Astati were the two who tended to end up in trouble most anyway, which was why they often found themselves not part of expeditions), but Kupfer flatly refused to let him go anywhere without her approval, while Aurea had been a necessary part of a swift ascent.

Half closing his eyes, and enjoying the quiet of the area, the thrum of the Falls a comforting background noise, he fell into contemplation of how best to alleviate the slight supply problem they had with the influx of new Candidates for the hardening Clutch.
Posted: Sep 18 2011, 02:16 AM

Useless Facts Queen

Group: Moderators
Posts: 268
Member No.: 6
Joined: 5-September 11

Landing just outside the falls area Gaial and Harmonith walked up the path to the top, enjoying the exercise free of what seemed like a million new candidates. Candidates at the pool, candidates in the garden, Candidates in her sharding practice space. She had nothing against them but it was getting far to crowded for the small woman. She may pretend to love it and be a bubbly ball of fluff but darn it she needed room! "Now Mine, they will be riding with you soon and then they will seem less in the way. Besides there are a few close to your age, maybe you can make a friend or two." Friends? I don't know Har, it might not be good to buddy up till I can see who they really are. "Mine how will you get to do that if you don't get to know them first?" I'll watch them don't worry. To which Harmonith kept intelligently quiet. Her's was stubborn and sometimes you just had to let her do what she would.

Suddenly Harmonith's black form went still, the streaks of purple and crimson shining in the sun. "Mine there is someone down there." Looking to the edge of the fall Gaial could just make out the figure of a man and a swiftlizard and a dragonkin. There weren't too many men with those sorts of pets so she had a good idea who it was. "It's okay love, he isn't one we need worry about, he's seems a good man from what I can see. Reserved, bit distant, but hey what am I? I can respect that." She said out loud as she made her way down. She had flown all the way here and walked up to the falls she was going down to that lake and she was going to have a good long soak. Gaial had her swim gear with her and was tying her long dark hair up as she made it to a safe distance from the man.

"Good afternoon Lord Holder Eyidan, sorry to barge in on you like this. I didn't expect anyone else here. We can leave if you like." having respect for the man, the tiny woman's usual bounce was more natural and held down. She was clearly standing on the balls of her feet ready to jump if needed but she wasn't over loading him with bubbles at the moment. If Gaial thought you were someone worthy of respect she showed it. Dark brown eyes couldn't help but dance at seeing him out of the Weyrhold. Alone with his pets he had seemed more relaxed, softer if you will. She wondered if he knew it suited him better than his usual image. Inwardly shrugging she laughed it off, it wasn't her business really. They all had roles to play who was she to say he couldn't have his mask as well.

"If you don't mind me being here we were just going to go for a swim, seeing as the pool is over run with candidates at the moment." She put an arm around her little black dragon. The pair of them were rather cute together, in a weyr full of large people and dragons their small forms were comically out of place.
Posted: Sep 19 2011, 03:12 PM

Advanced Member

Group: Moderators
Posts: 124
Member No.: 7
Joined: 6-September 11

The arrival of Gaial and Harmonith was hardly a surprise to Eyidan, both Kupfer and Aurea having alerted him to their approach, their sharper senses picking up on the pair as they walked up the path. A dragon - even a small one - was hardly a particularly subtle animal, after all. A warning hum of tension flickered into Eyidan's head, catching his attention from where he'd been wondering if the land just to the south-east of the Weyr was suitable for cultivation, both he and Kupfer tensing until Aurea - whose position nearer the edge of the cliffs allowed her to see a slight way down the path - transmitted an image of the approaching beings to Eyidan, who passed it along to Kupfer.

Ah, Gaial and Harmonith, There were few enough Opal riders that it was easy enough to identify them all, and Eyidan did try to know the names of most of the people who inhabited his Weyrhold, as well as a few basic details around them, even if he hadn't interacted with them. He considered it part of his duties as Lord Holder, though even with a very limited sample to draw from - his father and brother, both Lord Holder before him before they had died - he rather suspected that most did not consider it as such. Though given the distinct dearth of other Lord Holder with whom he could compare noted, he could not be certain about that point. Having an almost photographic memory made recollection of the people - and dragons - of the Weyr fairly easy, though it did of course require some effort, and as such Eyidan felt it should be done, partly because he liked to know things, and hated to be at a disadvantage in conversation, partly because he truly did wish to know those he considered his people, and partly because it often gave him the upper hand in encounters, and if Eyidan always tried to have the upper hand.

The revelation of whom, precisely, was approaching, prevented Eyidan or Kupfer from tensing further or leaping to their feet, even the protective cuprite recognising that the pair were unlikely to be a threat. Eyidan only drew himself up slightly straighter, and contemplated adopting a more formal position, before setting aside the thought. Up here, away from the Weyr and not embroiled in worries, he might as well look approachable, for no harm could come from it. He wasn't entirely prepared to look completely relaxed, and so when Gaial and Harmonith crested the top of the cliffs and drew nearer, Eyidan had his gaze fixed upon them, non-threatening and almost welcoming.

"Good day, Gaial, Harmonith," he began, tone pleasant and casual. "There is no need to apologise; I can hardly prevent you from enjoying the fresh air and the delightful view, and am occupied in nothing particularly important." He smiled, expression rather more relaxed and slightly less controlled than usual. "It is becoming a trifle crowded at the Weyr with Candidates, it must be said. I have heard that this group are a rather... fractious collection." To say the least, if the information he gathered was correct - and it usually was.

Drifting closer, Aurea gave a friendly little snort to the Opal and her rider, flipping her wings slightly as she did so. Ever friendly, she was always poking Eyidan into situations where he didn't have to maintain his reserve... and usually found that he did so anyway, despite her best efforts. Kupfer refused to be quite so friendly, though she did dip her head a fractional amount in a greeting, the action aimed more at Harmonith than Gaial.
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