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 The Blind Lead On, Tag: Eetta | TA 3009, August
Posted: Jun 26 2014, 08:59 PM


"Ah Tunzith, yer creakin more than I am these days," Bear grumbled as he dismounted his old pony with care. It took longer than it used to, just like everything else, and he needed to use a stepping stool these days which simply served to further remind him of his venerable age. There was once a time when hopping off a pony was little more than a short drop and a heavy plop. Now, it was a slow and vigorous process that left him wheezing through his beard. As for falling, well. He hadn't slipped any discs or broken any bones yet, and he didn't mean to. As frustrating as the painstakingly slow pace was, it was better than being holed up somewhere and being an invalid on top of the rest of this endless indignity.

Finally making it to solid ground, Bear leaned himself against his mare and focused on his breathing until he felt he had himself under control. Tears were stinging at his eyes, frustration with himself and their existence simply making them burn fiercer. "Blast it all Tunzith, why'd you have to go and get old anyway?" He asked the pony as he set about taking down her tack. "Can't take you with me this time lassy. You won't make it I'm afraid."

He was in Edoras for a dual purpose today. The Rohirrim were good to horses and ponies, no matter their age. His first order of business was to find a forever home for his old girl, where she could spend the rest of her days out getting fat on oats and carrying little man-childs around for their entertainment. She'd been good to him, old Tinzith, but her name had long since lost its meaning, and her age was now at a point that keeping her for another one of his trips would be right cruel. She deserved to get old and fat in peace, the gentle creature that she was.

Of course, trading off a pony of this age wasn't going to get him much, especially seeing as he'd be more likely to pay someone to take her than the other way about it. Meaning he had to sell just a few wares, and buy a new pony while he was at it. If he was lucky, he'd have enough between saving and hawking to be in and out of Edoras in a day or two. He didn't have much left to sell, though what little remained was the best of his remains from Erebor. He'd inherited his families items as it were, what with them all gone, and distributed most of it already. There were a few things left though, to keep him going. He supposed if he sold off his mother's mirror and his father's fine pipes he'd have enough for a meal and a pony before heading off again.

Useless trinkets, really.

Huffing to himself, Bear patted Tunzith on the neck one last time and fed her an apple by way of apology. She'd been good to him, and he was going to do right by her, but ponies were simple creatures and it may take her a bit of time to know that he was gone for good. "You be good now," He mumbled, dragging off her tack and his bags and paying a spry young lad to carry the lot of it into the inn for him, trying not to think too much on it as he waddled in and put down enough for the night. He'd pay more tomorrow if he had to.

Once his things were secured, the old dwarf stretched and grumbled to himself before making his way down to the market to see what he could find. He was making his way to the horse enclosure when something about his size collided with him. Grunting, Bear turned to shove at the rowdy man-child when he noted the eyes. He knew well that milky color and so he huffed again and asked gruffly, "You alright lass? Didn't twist your ankle or somethin?" Last thing he needed was a little blind manling with a hobbled leg to manage on top of things. Looking about, he had to wonder where her keepers were in any case. Surely she had some.
Posted: Jun 28 2014, 10:34 PM


Eetta had wandered off. Again. It wasn't that she had done it intentionally. That would cause someone to worry and the little girl would never do something like that. It had been rather by accident actually. She had just wanted to help the person she had heard crying and so she had gone over and comforted what had turned out to be an older boy for a little while until he had calmed enough to go his way. And by then, well, she had found herself to be well and truly lost. Her family, of course, would not be very pleased when they realized what she had done. Helping someone was all well and good, but Eetta had been instructed from a very young age that she should never wander far from her family. She was usually very good at following those instructions, but she was far from perfect. She had just wanted to help.

Biting her lip, she stood still for a little while after the boy left her alone thinking she would be quite fine. And she might have been if she could see. It was times like this that she didn't like being blind. Oh it wasn't so very strange for her. Or even hard. She had never had sight and so there had been no reliance to it for her to get over. It was the agony that it seemed to cause her family, something that they tried to hide from her. They didn't want her to know that anything about her could upset her. But sometimes, she could feel it. And she didn't like that. Not in the least. She wanted everyone to be happy and safe. She never wondered if that was too much to ask for or even to hope for. It simply seemed like the natural order of things and so for Eetta, at least in her mind, it was.

And in this case, to make everyone happy, she had to find her way back. Oh she was under no delusion that it would be easy, but she was confident that she could do it. All she had to do was find some place that she was familiar with, then she would easily be able to find her way back. She was very confident of the fact. She just had to start looking...well figuratively speaking at least. She found those phrases always so strange. Why was it that people were so attached to their sight? Never having had it, she simply did not understand it all. A part of her wished that she could only if so she did not think such horribly doubting thoughts of all those people, everyone she imagined, who could see and lived very much with the aid of that sense. She felt horrible for even considering thinking something that might be construed as ill. She really had to stop that kind of thing.

She could smell the stables even even if she couldn't see them. Manure, sweat, horseflesh, leather. Things that she knew of but had never seen and would never see in her life. It meant, at least, that she might have an idea of where she was. She wasn't often near the stables. Her brothers worried that she might get in trouble. It was possible that they might be right, but she couldn't say for certain. She would probably never know. Her family was always so very cautious when it came to her. They meant well, but sometimes it felt as if she were more burden than member of than member of the family and that worried her more than she cared to-

"Oh!" she let out the soft cry as she found herself bumping into someone. She felt her cheeks color as she steadied herself. There was a pause before a male spoke, his voice gruff reminding her, in many ways, of her grandfather. She found herself relaxing and smiling towards where the voice had come from. "Oh no, I'm quite alright, thank you. I'm terribly sorry though. I should have paid more attention to where I was going. Are you alright sir?" The little girl was very earnest with her hands clasped together before her. She waited almost eagerly for the answer, a touch of worry in her features as she waited for the male to reply.
Posted: Jul 10 2014, 04:45 AM


Noting the wayward smile that was roughly directed in his general vicinity, Bear raised his grayed brows skyward at the manners the little lass had. She was polite and soft spoken, genuine in her apologetic tone. Looking at her, he had to wonder how she’d managed to make her age without being a bit darker about the edges. There was no frustration in her that he could see, and he could see an immediate need in her to care more for others than herself. Why else would her response be that she ought to be the one paying more attention, when she was the one who couldn’t see what to pay attention to?

“It’d take more than a bump on the road to upset me lass,” He assured, realizing then that they were indeed still on the road. “Speaking of,” He mumbled, unconsciously placing a hand on her arm to guide her along with him to the safe sidelines, where they’d be less likely to upset anyone with a wagon or a fast horse, “Where are you headed then?” Bear inquired, the lack of any caregivers apparition by this point convincing him she must have given somebody the slip. He wasn’t sure why he was volunteering himself to be her guide, but he supposed he just wouldn’t feel right leaving such a pleasant seeming child to fend for herself when she couldn’t even see herself in any danger.

Realizing she may at least have a wariness for strangers, Bear huffed into his beard before introducing himself. “My name’s Varbjörn,” He informed her grimly, “Once of Erebor, now of wherever my pony roams. Most folk call me Bear - or they did, when there was folk who knew me,” That last was grumbled into his beard, more to himself than to the lass. He mumbled for awhile in Khuzdul, not so much as to be rude as it was that he often spoke to himself in the old tongue, or to his pony, for want of something to listen to or simply to aid in a decision making process. Yet another sign of his old age, though it may have been unwise of anyone to point it out.

“Ye can call me Bear,” He stated suddenly, flipping back to the common tongue with ease, as though whatever conversation he’d just had with himself had never occurred. “It’s what my friends call me,” Bear informed her, “And ye seem nice enough. What should I be calling ye then?” He asked, holding off on asking where to take her - a bit unaware that he had, in a way, already done so by asking where she was going.
Posted: Jul 24 2014, 10:20 PM


The little girl felt relief flood her entire being. She had been terrified, fearful that the other might have been hurt or even upset with her. She honestly wasn't sure which option would be worse, but it seemed as if she would face neither. The man took her arm and guided her from the road that they had stood on. They were off to the side now, by the stables. She just wasn't sure how close. That would change everything. She would worry about it later. At the moment, she was too focused on the male he had accidentally run into. She still felt terrible about that. It hadn't been on purpose after all, but that didn't make it any better, at least not in her opinion.

"I was finding my way back home," she told the man honestly. She couldn't imagine lying, but usually strangers made her hesitate. He just seemed too much like her grandfather to inspire that kind of thought process in her mind. He had the voice of a good man in her mind. The voice of someone she was certain that she could trust. It was why she was so ready and willing to to tell him what she would have brushed aside with someone else. "I heard a boy crying and so I stopped to help him and then I'm afraid I might have gotten a little lost," she confessed feeling a blush steal over her cheeks. "But I'm certain I'll find my way back well enough!" she said with absolute confidence.

A smile lit her face as he spoke again. She liked the sound of his voice. It was a nice voice. Gruff, but not cruel with a certain age and dignity to it. A life that had been well-lived and earned. She wondered what kind of stories this man would have to tell. She was certain that they would be absolutely fascinating. A part of her wondered if he would tell her those stories if she asked, but honestly, she wasn't sure and she had no way to know. She could ask, but the man didn't even know her. He might simply think her rude or impertinent and that would make her feel horrid. He might be right after all.

"Oh thank you!" she cried happily clapping her hands together. "I do try to be and I should like very much to be your friend," she assured him before holding out her own hand in the direction of his voice. "My name is Eetta, My Papa is Eolelm son of Faerl. I've always lived here in Edoras though sometimes we live just outside it. Grandfather says he doesn't care to stay in the city too long. It makes people too soft." She wasn't sure what that meant, but she trusted that he knew best.
Posted: Aug 9 2014, 12:40 AM


Bear gave a slight nod as the lass informed him she'd been making her way home - though he remembered belatedly that she could not see the affirmative motion and gave a bit of a grunt to show that he had heard. Somehow he found himself unsurprised to learn what had lured this little lamb from her shepherds, and this time Bear did not bother to verbally accentuate his actions as he shook his head in mild mannered amusement.

"Aye, that's a good thing ye did lass," Bear muttered to her, resisting his usual beard grumblings in order to ascertain that she heard him in full. "We'd a sayin in the old days, long afore the dragon's waste, my people did. A good turn deserves another," He huffed slightly, thinking that this was just one of the many things his people had lost over the years. A faltering sense of self and displacement was one thing; but dwarves went dark, and lost all sense of what good was left as far as Bear saw it.

"Seein as we're friends an all miss Eetta," Bear stated, taking her small hand in his broad and thickly calloused one, "Why not let me get ye home, mm?" Bear suggested, not bothering to make his tone sweetened; he was rough and old and he had no intentions beyond shooing this wee bairn back to her keepers, but that didn't mean she knew that and changing his tone now could well seem suspicious. "I suppose your Papa's well known?" He asked, looking about to see if there was someone nearby he could tug on for directions. "Your grandfather's a wise man," He added as an afterthought, his attention returning to her again.
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