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Posted: Mar 13 2014, 01:44 PM

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Group: Half-Elves
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Maybe I'm a different breed, Maybe I'm not listening
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Efren Garza
Personality Assessment


    HUGS: Elladan is the cuddly twin. He likes tactile contact and physical affection, from a simple brush of the hand to full on snuggling and petting. This is the easiest way to calm him down. Though he is particular about who he lets touch his hair, braiding or combing it is a foolproof way to lull him into sleep or just something like hypnosis.

    RIDING: Belan, his painted blood-bay mare, is his best friend. She is spoiled rotten and if anything were ever to happen to her, he would be devastated. He spends hours grooming her and goes riding on an almost daily basis, enjoying the feeling of freedom it brings him.

    EXCITEMENT/ADVENTURE/FREEDOM: He likes to always be moving and doing something, or else he gets bored at the drop of a hat. He has a terrible time sitting by himself with just his thoughts to keep him company unless he has something to keep him occupied, so he is rarely seen alone unless exploring or working on something. You will not find him in one place for more than a few months at a time usually.


    RESPONSIBILITY/POLITICS: Wanderlust and immaturity run rampant in this peredhel. He does not want to be tied down or saddled with obligations. Unfortunately his position as a lordling of Imladris brings with it the necessity to be diplomatic, professional, and respectable, things he fails at spectacularly. He hates sitting in council meetings, listening to discussion of politics and treaties, his attention always focused elsewhere.

    STRUCTURE: Since the time he could walk, he has been sneaking away from lessons and dodging his caretakers. He hates following schedules and rules and tends to dismiss them completely from his mind even when they are in place to protect lives. He does what he wants when he wants and no amount of punishment or cajoling will get him to focus on something he doesn't want to focus on.

    BIGOTRY: Elladan was raised without prejudice. He sees all people as equal and only looks down on those who judge others based on what they are.


    COMBAT: Being trained by the Balrog Slayer has made him proficient with multiple weapons. Though he had a hard time focusing during lessons at first he was eventually able to redirect his energy into practice and it has become his go-to pasttime. Whenever he winters in Imladris he goes on patrol and helps in the training yard. His preferences lie with twin swords and the bow, but he is equally skilled with lance and hand-to-hand combat.

    EMPATHY: Being the cuddly twin does not only extend to physicality. He is the socialite. He has always had a sunny disposition and is able to get along with almost anyone. He is extremely considerate, helpful, and understanding. He is always ready to lend a helping hand or a shoulder to lean on. His sense of humor is helpful with this as well.

    NAVIGATION/SURVIVAL: Living with the Dunedain and travelling constantly all across the continent has given Elladan a wide range of survival skills and a knowledge of the land. He is a fantastic hunter, elven lightness giving him an advantage in stealth over the men, but he is also extremely good at keeping track of his surroundings. It doesn't take long for him to learn his way around a new place unless it is somewhere particularly labyrinthine.


    ELROHIR: His twin has always come first and foremost in his life. He has a particularly bad case of codependency, always basing his decisions off his twin and acting for the both of them when his brother can't handle delicate situations. He is more concerned about Elrohir's happiness and well-being than his own, never gets angry with him, and forgives him for anything he does.

    RECKLESSNESS/FORESIGHT: Elladan's worst flaw is his inability to think ahead. He tends to rush into things because he has a hard time coping with the fear that comes with the "what-ifs" in life. He thinks in the present. The only time he will be cautious and plan ahead is when others are present whom he has to protect.

    EMOTION: He has a hard time dealing with his own emotions even though he is a wizard when it comes to understanding others'. In general he pushes his own to the back of his mind to deal with… never, and runs away from his problems. If he's forced to focus on them or they get pushed to the forefront of his mind, he tends to lose control of himself. He lets himself be controlled by his emotions rather than face them. For instance, instead of acknowledging his fear in the face of a hoard of orcs, he will rush headlong into danger lest the fear keep him rooted to the spot.


    PROSPERITY OF THE DUNEDAIN: He feels a kinship with the Men of the West, the descendants of his uncle. He spends the spring and summer months riding with them, helping heal their sick or rebuild their communities after the season's floods, hunting with them and defending their lands with the rangers. He wishes to see them live an easier life.

    RID THE WORLD OF ORCS: After what happened to his mother, he hates orcs more than anything else and wants to see them completely eradicated from the world.

    CURRENT PROJECT: He is currently training during his wintering months to become a better healer, and reluctantly working to get over some of his issues.


    LOSING HIS BROTHER: Elladan cannot envison his life without his twin. He believes any distance between them will result in losing him completely, a rather irrational fear that has only compounded after his mother's departure.

    LOSING THE WILL TO LIVE: With the loss of his mother, Elladan became terrified of losing his will to live as she had done. He saw the light in his mother's eyes fade and he dreads the same happening to him. It is his deepest secret, his shame, and he does everything in his power to keep it hidden and push it to the back of his mind. Now he throws himself into battle, rushing forward without a thought. Elladan acts, for everyone to see, as fearless as they come, bordering on stupidity and recklessness, but inside he is terrified of something happening that would dim the light in his own eyes. He hates the fear, and it eats at him.


Elladan grew up with a mischevious sense of humor, a sunny disposition, and a talent for getting into trouble. He was overly affectionate and had a short attention span, unable to keep still or focus if he didn't feel like it. He mellowed out very little until the loss of his mother, which changed him drastically and left him struggling for many years with the pain of abandonment, fear, and depression. He became overly connected to his twin although he regained his social tendencies and affectionate side once he began to heal from his loss.

When it comes to others, Elladan is considerate and helpful, although he will laugh and tease before lending a hand. He enjoys and craves the company of others. As long as it isn't an orc, he will gladly befriend it, be it man, elf, or dwarf. Perhaps it is a small trait he received from his father, but he has no qualms interacting with those of other races, finding himself comfortable in most any company. He is barely ever seen alone, though he does run off to explore on his own from time to time, usually ending up in trouble.

As much as he loves and respects his father he is not as obedient as he could be, half the time he does not even seek his blessing when leaving on a quest. For instance, it was not his father's choice for him to ignore all of his responsibilities and run off to hunt orcs with the Dunedain. He is not as wise or practical as a being his age should be, being reckless and ruled by his emotions. He has never been completely honest either. He is good at brushing things off and feigning ignorance or painting an elaborate lie, unless it is something that affects him to such an extent that he's can't control himself, then he tends to be a bit of a blabbermouth. He tends to get awkward in long silences and say things he shouldn't.

Historical Overview




    Father: Elrond Peredhel

    Mother: Celebrian


    Twin: Elrohir

    Sister: Arwen


    Foster brother: Estel, later known as Aragorn

    Grandparents: Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel of Lothlorien

    Godparents/Caretakers: Glorfindel, Erestor

    Best Friend: Lindir


    Muinder, Captain of the Prince's Guard in Mirkwood, is his not-boyfriend.


Elladan and his twin brother Elrohir were born in the Third Age, in a time of peace, to Celebrian and Elrond of Imladris. He had an idyllic childhood, a brother to play with and overly indulgent and loving parents, raised with the assistance of basically everyone in Imladris. Babysitting by the great Balrog Slayer was a common occurrence. He spent his days dodging lessons and having fun. By the time their sister Arwen was born, they had already reached adulthood and Elladan was more focused on having his own fun than being stuck caring for his baby sister. There were many to care for her, so he did not end up as close to her as he did his twin. Elladan's life was quiet and peaceful, allowing he and his brother to find their own amusement within the halls of Rivendell and further afield. For years their antics kept the city a little farther from the quiet or peace their father desired, until they were instructed to channel their youthful energy into a worthy study.

Elladan spent many, many years becoming a skilled warrior. He never quite grew out of his immaturity until his mother left Rivendell to visit her parents in Lothlorien. She never made it that far, having been captured in the RedHorn Pass and tortured cruelly by orcs for days. This was his first real quest, saving his mother from the den of the orcs. He and his brother spent a week lost in the snowstorms in the mountains on their own searching for her, to bring her back to Rivendell for their father to heal, but it was never enough. Soon after, she chose to leave them and sail across the sea to the Undying Lands. Those days would continue to haunt Elladan for the rest of his life, finding himself broken and scarred inside. He never forgot the look of fear in her beautiful eyes or the way she turned away from them. 

From that time on, he and his brother did not linger long in Rivendell. He isn't sure which of them made the real decision, nor was there any spoken agreement. It was a desire they both held in their hearts and did not speak much of. They ended up running away from the misery Imladris kept within its walls from their mother's parting, and the break in their family, hunting down any orcs they caught wind of. The year they left they found themselves in the land that would soon be known as Rohan, where a great battle was being fought between men and orcs. There they stayed until the battle was won. For a while Elladan was consumed bitterness and rage, obsessed with purging the world of the evil that had destroyed his mother. After this they ended up riding with the men of the Dunedain.

Slowly Elladan found more of his former light heartedness returning with the friendships he found within the company, though his hatred for orcs never lessened. He and his brother quested with the Dunedain for many years, spending the spring and summer months with them and only returning to Imladris to winter. During this time he became close with many of the men there, though one man, Arathorn, he held in great regards. It wasn't until a hard battle that Arathorn was felled by an arrow, while Elladan was merely a stone's throw away. He took this loss better than that of his mother, having grown used to the mortality of his friends, but he accompanied Arathorn's wife and son to Rivendell, whereupon his father took in the child, and Elladan found himself with yet another brother, although quite a small one. It is only around this time that Elladan really finds within himself the ability to become a relatively responsible caretaker, each year growing a little closer to the mature ellon his father hopes he will be.

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Posted: Mar 13 2014, 08:30 PM

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