We are currently in need of Dwarves, Hobbits & Men both canon and original. We are also in need of canon Hobbit and Lord of the Rings Characters! We currently have [6] Females and [16] Males.


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 Code Of Conduct
Posted: Mar 2 2014, 06:12 PM

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Group: Admin Root
Posts: 644
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Joined: 2-March 14

Code of Conduct
Regarding Registration

-Register as your characters name

-All characters canon or otherwise must have a birth year.

-If you post a WIP Application, it must have at least one full portion completed to be considered an active WIP, meaning personality or history must be completed for the WIP to be counted as active

-In regards to canon apps, if there is a WIP that does not comply to these terms, another person may apply and it shall be considered first come first serve.

-This means that whomever finishes first, shall be reviewed first, so please ensure that your WIP's comply to terms.

-You have five (5) days to complete an app before being counted as inactive.

-As many players on AoA have not read the books, until The Hobbit: There and Back again is released in theaters, please refrain from including spoilers in your character's history, as you will be asked to remove them. Ending the history at when the Quest begins if you have an involved character is perfectly acceptable and preferred.

-Give staff 48 hours to get back to you

-PM staff to check on status only after 48 hours has passed

Regarding Activity

-Canons must post 8 times a month

-Originals must post 5 times a month

-These posts must be in actual roleplaying threads. ICC, Plotting and Games do not count

-Inactive characters have one week to reactivate

-If after a week an original is not reactivated the account will be removed

-If after a week a canon is not reactivated someone else may claim the canon

-If you return before the canon is claimed by someone else you will keep your original account

-The posts for all inactive characters after one week will be moved to archives.

Regarding Posting

-200 word minimum

-Roleplay threads are to be in third person, past tense

Regarding Godmodding

Godmodding comes in many shapes and forms and will result in warnings when staff see it. To give you an idea of what may result in warnings, here is a brief overview of unacceptable behaviors.

-Impugning on other people's characters
This means saying that someone else's character has or has not done something, without discussing it with the player. Examples:

Stating that XA slapped your character without speaking to XA's player is an act of Impugning Godmodding.
Stating your character is doing something XA's character was created to do is an act of Impugning. You are taking over XA's role; do not do this.
Controlling the actions XA; your strike hits without the permission of XA's player. This is counted as Impugning.

-Application of Clairvoyance
This means using information you as the player know in the context of your rp, even though your character should have no way of knowing these things. Examples:

Knowing a fear of XA that is in their application and addressing it; even though XA has never spoken to your character of this fear. This is Clairvoyant Godmodding.
Stating in roleplay that something is going to happen, be it canonical or not, when your character should have no knowledge of the future: This is Clairvoyant Godmodding.

Mary Sue's and Gary Stu's godmode rather uniquely by dictating how other player's characters must deal with them. They're so nice and sweet everyone loves them or alternatively, are so beautiful everyone looks at them. Generally Sue's will be caught in the application process, but now and then warnings may be issued if we catch things like:

-Broad statements in posts claiming that 'everyone' feels and acts specifically toward your character
-Expectant behaviors dictated to other members 'Your character will treat mine this way because everybody else does'; no, the player will decide how their character responds to you and yours.

AoA takes a hard stance against godmodding, but we do understand that sometimes, we just don't realize we're doing it. When staff catch it, it will be brought to your attention; warnings apply for repeated infractions only.

The Player Is Not The Character

Remember to keep the OOC and the IC separate. Simply because a character is evil, doesn't mean that the player is. Furthermore, if you have an issue with a player, don't take it out on their character - or vice versa. Bring the matter to staff, or find a polite way of managing it on your own. Remember to treat others as you would like to be treated.

Site Content Rating

Our site is for people ages 17+ and our content is rated as follows.

Objectionable and mature language is permitted.

Sexual Content
Sexual content is permitted. References and writing about genitalia and sex acts are permitted, but explicit detail is not. Fade to black is recommended; mature tagging [M] is required.

Extreme violence is permitted.

Please keep in mind that the cbox is to be PG at all times.


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Posted: Mar 2 2014, 08:55 PM

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Group: Admin Root
Posts: 644
Member No.: 1
Joined: 2-March 14

Concerning Characters
Character Caps

There is no character cap here on AoA!

However, in order to keep things fair for everyone we do have a canon character limit.

No more than four canons per player. This allows you a canon per age period.


Any characters you currently have must possess ten in character posts before you can apply for another.

If you have more than five outstanding posts between your current characters, you cannot apply for another until these are caught up.

Concerning Rarity: Istari & Half-Elves

Certain character types are canonically rare. The Istari and the Half-Elves are prime examples of this. As such, for the time being, these particular races are canon only. We will occasionally open slots for originals of these but unless such a slot is open or you are applying for a canon, your character cannot fall into either category.

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