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Posted by: Reyna Velásquez Nov 6 2011, 04:26 PM
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Personal Profile
    Name and/or Nickname and/or Super Name: Reyna (Rey)
    Date of Birth/Age: December 21 / 19
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: Assistant at NetNews
    Affiliation: Rogue
Physical Profile
    Notable Traits:
    Rey stands at a towering 5,4" with short, uneven black hair and light brown eyes. Despite her mother's Hispanic heritage, Rey doesn't exactly resemble her dark ancestors with her light skin. She is small and skinny, with nonexistant curves.

    Often, Rey is mistaken for a boy - half due to her looks and half due to her own aura of masculinity. She has a straight nose and thin lips. On her back, she has a long scar from her first Hoverbike accident.

    Enhancements: ---
    Super Powers: Pyrokenesis. Rey can manipulate and redirect fire and heat. It is extremely unpredictable, and Rey can't really control it. Like the antiquicated substance, Napalm, (from which Rey gets her hero name) it destroys whatever it touches, and often hinders Rey's efforts more than it helps her. Her skin is also immune to fire and burns.
    Notable Attire(s): Rey is usually seen in dark clothes, as she strives to be as inconspicuous as possible. she also possesses a synthetic, fireproof jacket that can withstand her powers as much as her skin can (Early on, Rey learned that clothes were painfully perishable when you had a tendacy to catch on fire). She rides a hoverbike, so she is also often sporting a sleek black helmet and crashbracelets. Whenever she is"Hero-ing", (Read as: "Causing mass property damage") she keeps the helmet on to protect her identity. ...And also because masks are tacky.
Psychological Profile
    Personality: Rey is a cautious person, unlike her powers, and finds comfort in daily routines. She is quiet, easygoing and sharply perceptive. Her hobbies include peoplewatching and imagining herself as other people. Though not extremely extroverted, Rey is typically well-liked by the people she meets and has a calm, charismatic air about her. she knows how to charm a woman, and how to let a man down easy. Outwardly, she is an amiable woman.

    Inwardly, she is paranoid and constantly battling her fight-or-flight reflexes. Her mother contstantly drilled it into her mind that the Government's henchmen were everywhere and they were only out to control her.
    Goal(s): Rey wants to establish for herself a perfect camoflauge under which she can hide. She is terrified of the Government forcing her into the Vanguard, which she thinks is full of mindless robots.
    Fear(s): Rey is petrified of her abilities being found out. Whenever she must use her powers, she flees the scene and covers her tracks. She doesn't want to be used, and she is a bit like a caged animal; she hates not having control.
Historical Background
    History: When Rey was fourteen, her mother died in a housefire, leaving her on her own in the Metropolis and harboring a grave secret. She doesn't remember her father, and the only thing she was left with was his old hoverbike - a nearly ancient edition. She crashed it when she was seventeen and obtained a long scar on her back. Despite being so young, Rey found a decently-paying job at a local NetNews headquarters as an assistant.She has worked there ever since and is now the assisstant of the Editor-in-Chief.
    Super History: Rey realized she had powers when she was nine and another child pushed her into a bonfire on accident. Little Rey got up, scraped and bruised, but otherwise unharmed and miraculously unburned. Naturally, the children were afraid of her when the flames clung to her arms and little hands. Her mother heard of the incident and whisked her home to instill her present paranoia.

    Because of Rey's fear of being caught, she tries her hardest not to need her powers. Her sense of justice is strong, however, and she can't stand to see someone in trouble. Whenever she must help, she conceals her identity as best she can.
OOC Information
    Name and/or Nickname: Calliope
    Age: 18
    How did you find out about this board?: Advertised on "World of Tur"
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Posted by: Admin Nov 6 2011, 09:40 PM

Reyna Orion Velasquez, aka Napalm, is now a proud resident of the Metropolis.

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