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Posted by: Admin Oct 4 2011, 11:23 PM
  1. While this is a board intended for a mature audience, excessive/needless crass language and lewd sexual scenes are prohibited. Moderate swearing, nudity and mild sexual references will be tolerated, so long as the rules of common sense are observed. All we ask is that you use your judgment in drawing the line between use and abuse.
  2. In order to maintain a friendly atmosphere on the boards, we ask that you please take any arguments and divergence of opinions to private messages. Do not hesitate to contact the Administrator or a Moderator if you need assistance in dealing with such problem, they will be more than happy to help you.
  3. You may choose to display graphics (Avatars and Signatures) for your characters but please be careful not to stretch the boards. Avatars maximal size is set to 150 x 225 and Signature's Width should not exceed 500 pixels. We would also ask of you to please keep said images in good taste. Blatant nudity and graphic content is not acceptable.
  4. While we encourage conversations through the Chatbox, we ask that you please refrain from spamming.
  1. Please ensure that your registration name matches that of your character (First name Last name). A new account should be created for every additional character.
  2. Play-bys are optional but, should you opt to have one, make sure that your selected celebrity is available. We will not be accepting unknown individuals as playbys (such as friends, family members or yourself).
  3. This is an original fantasy world and as such, characters are expected to be original creations as well. While you may inspire yourself from existing superheros, blatant ripoffs are not permitted. Should it be revealed, at any given time, that a character is not an original creation, its player will be asked to either make some serious editing or send it to the graveyard where it will no longer be available for play.
  4. Please wait for your application to be reviewed and approved before posting in any In-Character area. You are most welcomed to participate in any OOC topic while you wait and use the Chatbox at your convenience.
  5. We would like new members to limit themselves to 3 characters upon signing up. It can be made possible for you to create more in the future, provided that your current characters remain active, but de do ask that you restrain yourself to a manageable amount. We reserve the right to limit the creation of characters for anyone found abusing of this privilege.
  1. God-Modding and Meta Gaming will not be tolerated. This means you may only control your own character's actions and let your posts reflect only what they know as opposed to what you, the player, know. For more in-depth information on the matter, feel free to ask around. Remember that the Staff is there to guide you as needed.
  2. Private threads should be 'Tagged (in the Topic Description)' with selected participants' names. Anyone other than those listed by the topic creator are expected to refrain from posting in such threads without prior authorization.
  3. This board is intended to be literate, therefore everyone is expected to make an effort when posting, keeping an eye on both grammar and spelling. Mistakes happen, but proof-reading goes a long way.
  4. While we will not be enforcing any manner of word count, we do expect everyone to give their role-playing partner something to work with. A simple sentence hardly leaves any room for proper response, make sure to flesh out your posts accordingly.
  1. An account sweep will occur every month. Accounts which have been inactive for a month without prior warning will be deleted and their threads moved into the archives.
  2. Be careful not to take on more threads than you can possibly handle as we would rather avoid role-plays being abandoned needlessly.
  3. Short and extended leaves of absence alike should be posted in the appropriate thread.

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