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The Metropolis. Everyone in Aria knows of the Metropolis. The Capital city of the world, if you will. It boasts the highest population of the entire planet with none to challenge their reign anywhere near in sight. Its state of the art architectural structures and top of the line technology draws new residents by the thousands every year and constitutes the biggest tourist attraction on the planet. Of course, despite all the shine and glamor, the Metropolis isn't all flowers and rainbows.

The first Super Humans were discovered within the Capital of the world, which would explain its sudden gain in popularity over the past years and subsequent development, but much like it houses the highest number of Super Heroes, along with the most important vigilante organization in Aria, it is also known to be the official battleground of good and evil. Villains are just around every corner, plotting and scheming the do-gooders' demise while the Vanguard tries its best at thwarting their nefarious plans. The government rules with an iron fist, preserving their beloved city intact by all means necessary, while La Résistance vehemently opposes their ruling. The MPD (Metropolitan Police Department) maintains the law and order in the streets, but guns and Tasers only do so much against super powered beings. Don't look for any of this in the Metropolis tourism brochure, though, you won't find it.

Life at the Metropolis isn't short of excitement and sees its fair share of action, adventure, drama and humor alike. Some will be high and almighty, others powerful and destructive while some are just plain ridiculous but, regardless, they are what makes Aria: A world like our own such a unique place to be.

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Latest News
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Turn in a neighbor, save a life. Such is the name of the Government's latest campaign to sensitize the general population to the enrollment law. Posters have been plastered all over the Metropolis, depicting heroic scenes of Super Heroes saving the lives of children and women. People are instructed to turn in friends and loved ones displaying superpowers, therefore bringing more fresh recruits into the Vanguard and keeping the streets safer and Villain free. If the thought of contributing to a better tomorrow isn't enough, the Government has also been offering interesting monetary bonuses for every rogue turned in.

Some approve the initiative, others find it a little too aggressive and even distasteful. La Résistance has yet to make its presence known since this announcement, but the MPD and Government alike are keeping a vigilant eye for their eventual opposition.

Until then, all citizens are invited to observe their civic duty and turn in a friend today for a better tomorrow!

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