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Description: the story behind it all

Admin - October 5, 2011 04:37 AM (GMT)
The world of Aria could almost be mistaken for Earth, a few hundreds years ahead in the time line. Technological advancement has progressed steadily, introducing commodities such as holographic communication, hovering vehicles and improved artificial intelligence but it looks nothing like the futuristic ideals set by earth’s society. Politics work roughly the same, the world’s geographic structure is a near perfect match and a few extra gadgets aside, life is just about the same… that is, if you live inside a comic book.

Several centuries ago, a flu epidemic broke through and spread at an alarming rate, affecting the population on a global level. Health specialists called it H1N1, society called it the Swine Flu. Regardless, the death toll became important enough for the government to take action and put a stop to the pandemic. Every country ordered citizens to receive their flu shot, therefore putting an end to the spread and getting the situation back under control. While the event may seem rather insignificant compared to world-wide wars and disasters in Aria’s long history, scientists believed it was what triggered it, the P-Genome.

Referred to as the P-Genome, or Perfect Genome, it took an entire century before it was discovered, evolving and mutating within human beings. Only a handful of cases were reported early on but as time went by, several more “Enhanced” humans began to surface. These superior beings were, for the most part, your average human on the outside but under the flesh and bones boiled powers unlike anything that had ever been seen before. Some could manipulate the elements, others read minds or even manipulate the very fabric of time. They would be attributed the title of “Super Humans” or "Supers" for short, both admired and feared by the rest of the population. The unprecedented effects of the flu vaccines could never be reproduced in laboratories, but the P-Genome could be transmitted to the Supers' offspring.

Just like every human is born with a different personality, so were Supers and as such, not all of them were willing to put their superhuman abilities to good use. Some had a much more sinister agenda, seeking riches, domination and, in some extreme cases, mass destruction. In an effort to defend the human society from these masterminds of evil, the Supers rallied together and formed an organization known as the Vanguard. Children displaying Superhuman abilities were recruited in the Vanguard’s training facilities and modeled into becoming a Super Hero of the modern days. Only they could take a stand against the corrupted Supers, or Super Villains as they were later labeled by society.

The Villains retaliated to the Vanguard in force and some of them formed organizations of their own, each with their personal nefarious ambitions. Life as we knew it was threatened world-wide and the Enrollment Law was set in place. Every child displaying super human abilities of any kind were to be enrolled automatically in the Vanguard and shaped into a model citizen, proud defender of the people. The government’s initiative provoked a mixed reaction from the Super Human community, on one hand loathing the idea of being forced into the life of a Super Hero and on the other, understanding the threat posed by the Super Villain’s actions.

A group of rebels was formed, La Résistance, to battle against the government’s ruling, which they deemed unfair. Both Super Humans and regular folks banded together in an effort to overthrow the current governing forces, quickly earning the label of terrorists. Caught in-between the conflicts between Heroes and Villains, they chose to take a neutral stand. It is believed they maintain contacts within both factions, but the movement has kept a low-profile and so far evaded the government’s wrath successfully.

Aria is a world of constant struggles, opposing the Political leaders, Vanguardians, Villains and La Résistance on a daily basis. Many heroes and villains alike chose to keep their identity secret, living normal lives under the spotlight and adopting their alter egos’ identity as the curtain falls.

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